South Pacific Cruising On the P & O Pacific Dawn

We have taken many cruises across the world (including this one in Europe in January), but we had yet to take one from our home country of Australia. This is because cruises in this country are just not the great deal they can be overseas, especially now we are

Tips For Living Simpler And Smarter!

The reason I started this blog with the name, Simpler And Smarter, is because I’m¬†always striving to make my life easier. With three kids, my own business and just life, it’s really hard not to end every day exhausted. I’m always looking for ways to make our life simpler.

What To Buy The Two Year-Old Who Has It All

It’s been birthday season in our house – S and Baby J both had birthdays over the last week and a half. They actually both had the same due date so I am glad they were born a week apart. It was easy enough to buy something for turning-8-years-old