Best Place For A White Christmas

As we get closer to Christmas, I have been thinking about my last Christmas – when we had a white Christmas in Europe in beautiful Switzerland. As much as I love Australia, there is something magical about Christmas in the snow. This has me dreaming of a white Christmas

How To Grow A Garden Indoors

We recently moved into our new city townhouse which comes complete with no garden! I love not having the hassle but also like some greenery around. Mel from Mel’s Garden has been kind enough to share some tips to get me started! You can read them below. I love

That Time I Broke My Knee In Thailand

So, what happens when things go wrong on holiday? If I added up all the time I’ve spent travelling, I’ve spent many years exploring countries far from Australia. Thankfully, over all that time, very few things have gone wrong. However, that all changed on our trip to Thailand last