Lifestyle Goals For 2018

I made some seemingly simple goals for 2018 and, so far, I am definitely failing. I’m hoping that if I write them down here that that will change! The most powerful thing I ever did for growing my online business was when I started blogging about my goals and

All About Having A White Christmas In Switzerland

If there is one thing that has been on my bucket list before even knowing what a bucket list was, it’s having a White Christmas. My whole life I have pictured Christmas as having snow and being rugged up in big thick winter coats. Christmas is kind of strange

Ultimate Buying Guide to the Best Kids Bike 2018

Like getting your first car, the first bike is an important milestone for any child. It’s not only great for their ability, but also their confidence. I remember how proud my eldest child was when she finally began to ride her bike without the assistance of training wheels. I

2017 – The Year I Sold 2/3 Of My Business

2017 has been an interesting year for me especially for my business. I started off the year with so many plans for both my main blogs (my travel blog and I was going to kick huge goals. I was going to make $50,000 a month and I was