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Why Turning 40 Is Awesome!

I have some exciting news – I’m turning 40 later this month! While I see so many of my friends shy away from giving a figure or mentioning it with some negative connotation or saying they are turning 21 again, I wonder why. Do they really hate turning 40?

That Time I Broke My Knee In Thailand

So, what happens when things go wrong on holiday? If I added up all the time I’ve spent travelling, I’ve spent many years exploring countries far from Australia. Thankfully, over all that time, very few things have gone wrong. However, that all changed on our trip to Thailand last

How To Start Point Hacking In Australia!

If you spend enough time in Facebook travel groups, sooner or later you will hear people talk about point hacking. I used to think it only really worked for Americans, but I’ve decided this year I’m going to make it work for me as I want to fly business

Why Conferences Are My New Favourite Thing

I just had one of the most amazing weeks of my life – and it’s all thanks to attending a conference! Earlier this month, I headed all the way over to Corning NY to speak and teach at Tbex (travel blogging conference). It’s a long way to go and

Exercising And My Lifestyle Goals For 2018

I have been very proud of myself lately as I have finally managed something BIG – I’m exercising again! Since getting back from Malaysia about a month ago, I’ve exercised every day apart from a six day break when I was sick. Mostly I’ve been running but I’ve also