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Tips For Living Simpler And Smarter!

The reason I started this blog with the name, Simpler And Smarter, is because I’m¬†always striving to make my life easier. With three kids, my own business and just life, it’s really hard not to end every day exhausted. I’m always looking for ways to make our life simpler.

Exercising And My Lifestyle Goals For 2018

I have been very proud of myself lately as I have finally managed something BIG – I’m exercising again! Since getting back from Malaysia about a month ago, I’ve exercised every day apart from a six day break when I was sick. Mostly I’ve been running but I’ve also

Should we leave Australia?

One of the best things about how I earn a living is the freedom and flexibility that I have from running an online business. However, it does have some negatives and one of the biggest is that there can be too much choice about how to live our lives.

Happy First Birthday To My Facebook Group

I’m feeling reflective today as the Facebook group I started for my business is turning one year old. I started the group on a whim after having it on the back of my mind for a long time. I had been too worried to start one because I feared