The Foolproof List Of Best Gifts For Teen Boys In Australia

If there is one thing I hate shopping for most, it’s gifts for teen boys. It’s always the hardest demographic for me when I hit the shops for my Christmas shopping and I keep needing to buy more as my nephews grow up.

To help me with my Christmas presents for teens this year and my ongoing need for gift ideas for teen boys, I asked some of my blogging friends what their cool gifts for teenage guys are and compiled them into this handy list!

I hope this list of Christmas gifts for teen boys (or birthday gifts for teen boys depending on the time of year) helps you out as well! This list will work whether you are looking for gifts for 13 year old boys or gifts for 17 year old boys or anything older or inbetween!

Cool Gift Ideas For Teen Boys

Here’s a quick summary of all the Christmas presents for teen boys to come:

Best Gifts For Teen Boys

Dart Board

A dart board is a fun gift for a teen boy as it’s something they will not only enjoy but it’s fun for all the family to play together or they can play when their friends visit.

It’s a great social present! I know from personal experience that it works well when looking for gifts for 14 year old boys but it can work for any age teen as long as you have somewhere you can put it where it will be safe. It can be great for the garage or outside.

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Contributed by Suzi from Survey Suzi

GoPro Camera

The GoPro is an action camera which can be used to record footage or shoot stills. This model also has a waterproof body, which can be used without underwater housing.

It’s an amazing choice of the gift ideas for teenage guys for someone with a developing interest in photography and film. It’s also great for shooting action footage, so it’s ideal for someone into sports such as surfing or mountain biking.

The fast-moving footage can be sent to your phone and edited while you’re still on the move. It even responds to voice commands. The teen boy can then share all this footage with his mates. It’s a great way to record experiences, and soon enough they’ll all want to do the same.

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Contributed by David from Travel With Little One

Stunt Kites

While the idea may sound a little old-fashioned, kites have come a long way in recent years. Modern-day stunt kites are dynamic, exciting and are a great way to get teenagers active and outdoors.

Dual line kites, like the Prism Jazz, will be fast and zippy and a great beginner kite. Beginners will learn to fly basic patterns, and as their skills grow, can add more advanced tricks and stunts.

Traction kites, such as the Prism Synapse, will really give your kids a workout and are a great precursor for those teens who are interested in kite surfing or land boarding down the track. As well as being fun, kite flying can be educational, with plenty of physics and even meteorology involved, whether they realise it at the time or not! It’s definitely one of the cool gifts for teen boys.

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Contributed by Jacqui from Four Packs Travel

Nike Benassi Slides



Athletic slides were technically invented for showering at the gym or the beach but for modern Australian athletes today, the slide has largely overtaken the thong as the casual footwear of choice.

It can be seen worn around the home, around town and worn to and from training to protect their precious ( and usually very expensive) sports shoes. Designed with the famous Nike swoosh symbol they are a well priced gift that will ensure they are on trend AND comfortable. They are fully synthetic which means very easy to wash and keep clean.

They are a great practical option when looking for Christmas ideas for teen boys.

And sadly, yes they also wear them in winter with socks!

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Contributed by Sandy from Tray Tables Away

Cross Body Bag

All teen boys need something trendy and cool to store all their personal belongings in when out and about and a cross body bag is just perfect for this. Whether the teen boy is riding his bike or walking he can easily have his cross-body bag slung across his body. 

Not only do cross body bags look cool, but they are totally functional too. These types of bags usually come with various compartments and have plenty of room for a tablet, wallet, keys, sunnies, drink bottle, headphones, even a small portable speaker.

Some even have built in anti-theft features such as hidden pockets like the one pictured here. This is not just one of the cool presents for teenage guys but a good, practical gift as well.

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Contributed by Melissa from Thrifty Family Travels

Wireless Headphones

The teen years and music go hand in hand. Teenagers are always listening to music to find their favourite new artist or exploring a friend’s Spotify playlist.

Give the gift of great sound to a teen boy in your life with a pair of wireless headphones. With the trend moving to Bluetooth wireless headphones this is a gift they can use for years to come.

Wireless headphones can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device including cell phones, netbooks, tablets and more making them a multipurpose option of the Christmas gift ideas for boys on the go. They will be able to use these wireless headphones to listen to music, play games, or make calls.

Teens are always on the go, with wireless headphones they can always have their music with them!

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Contributed by Kate from Little Miss Kate & Company

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the ideal choice of Christmas gift ideas for teen boys of any age.  It has been a real game-changer in the world of gaming.

It combines the traditional home console with portability, so you are able to take it with you. The reason teenager’s love the Nintendo Switch is its versatility. It has a vast array of great games and it’s cool.

You can go from home play mode to portable mode in seconds. It’s very affordable as well, and it also means you do not require two devices or two sets of games like you once did. There are parental controls to make content age appropriate.

It is compact, has wireless controllers and is easy to store. Teenage boys are hard to buy for, but the Nintendo Switch is a surefire way to get at least a smile!

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Contributed by Alana from Family Bites Travel

Chemistry Set

Proper chemistry sets are great for teens and I still remember the excitement I had when I got one when I was a kid – they felt really grown up!

They are obviously good gifts for teen guys who love the practical side of science and getting stuck in with experiments and also for any child who wants to expand on what they are doing at school. It’s a great way to keep teens occupied and give them something to do that doesn’t involve screens too!

One thing to do is to make sure the sets have good quality apparatus in them (I prefer glass test tubes and beakers) and check you don’t need to buy further chemicals before starting to experiment.

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Contributed by Kirsty from Get Kids Outside

Fitness Tracker Watch

One of the best gifts for teenage guys who are sporty is a fitness tracker watch.

It’s a great opportunity for a young adult to ensure that he’s maintaining a healthy activity level despite school pressure, a social life and even the pull of screen time.

They’re even more helpful for boys who are on sports teams to make sure they do ample conditioning in the off-season. It’s important to choose one that looks sleek and fits well so that your teen boy will enjoy wearing his fitness tracker watch every day.

Some of the best models will even track sleep and work as a smartphone camera remote!

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Contributed by Melissa from The Family Voyage

Instant Photo Printer

An instant photo printer is one of the good presents for teenage guys who loves to snap pics with their phone. It’s bound to be super fun whether they are at a party, travelling or just hanging with friends.

As the printer is about the size of a smartphone, it’s easy to take along and tuck away in a pocket or backpack. The printer connects wirelessly through a free app or Bluetooth to a smartphone, tablet or social media account. This way they can print directly from Facebook, Instagram or their own camera.

With a single push of a button, they get a small picture printed on photo paper. The colourful 2”x 3” (5×7.6 cm) prints make for nice memories to decorate lockers and memory boards or to swap with friends.

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Contributed by Babs from Travel Gear For Kids


In my years coaching gymnastics, I noticed how popular the trampolines were with the older boys. Every open gym you could find them showing off their trampoline skills, each trying to out-do each other.

Teenage boys love trampolines because, well, they’re fun! What makes them especially fun at this age is the sense of risk-taking and the intense workout. Flipping your body backward high in the air is exciting and a bit scary so it’s great to settle their daring desires.

Jumping is also an amazing workout. It can get them off the couch and away from the video games when nothing else can. Luckily trampolines today are made safely with nets and thick pads. There is a range of sizes available to cater to everyone.

If your teen is into trampoline tricks, larger trampolines tend to be best, but smaller ones are fine for boys that are just starting out and not quite as fearless. Whatever the size, a trampoline is bound to be an ideal gift for any teenage boy!

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Contributed by Rebecca from Innate Moves

Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit

In the world of smartphones, computers, and self-driving cars, knowing technology is becoming more of a necessity. For this reason, STEM toys are becoming very popular.

They help to teach your child the basics of technology, engineering, science and math that are so important these days. Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit is an unbelievably smart gift that teaches teenage kids about engineering, mechanical design, and programming.

This robot kit can be turned into 10 different kinds of robots, like a robot with a mechanical arm that can pick up things or a robot that can pour you a drink! What boy wouldn’t love a robot to pick up a mess in his room? The robot can be controlled from a tablet or a smartphone. Recommended age is 12+, making this a great choice of gift ideas for 13 year old boys, but in my experience younger kids have a lot of fun with this too although they may need more help!

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Contributed by Jana from Mommy’s Little World

Toy Drone

With the technology advancing with a speed of light, it is no surprise that our kids tend to like more and more funky gadgets. And which boy wouldn’t like to receive a toy drone as a gift, especially if it comes with a camera attached to it!

This toy is definitely for a boy with a sense of adventure. Not only you can venture out into the sky and fly, which is totally awesome, you can also record what you see from above. Double awesome! Toys for teen boys don’t come better than this.

I believe, that by gifting a toy drone to your teenager, you can help him to develop two important skills. You can encourage him to explore his creative nature with film making, and get him out of the house for a change. Wouldn’t that be nice sometimes.

Technology is meant to be fun and a toy drone will definitely provide plenty of that. Added bonus here, you will secure yourself a place of the best parent/relative/friend ever! Trust me, I know, because mum knows best!

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Contributed by Jolene from Mum Knows Best

Lego Mindstorms

Lego is a great choice for kids of all ages. Thinking of gift ideas for teenage boys, I would personally recommend Lego Mindstorms. This is great for teens who love a little bit of tinkering.

Being a mom of a hard-core Lego fan, I have seen my son playing with Lego right from his babyish years through his tweens. A Lego set evolves into so many concepts as the kid grows up. I have literally seen it happening in my home with my son.

The educational value provided by these types of engineering toys is mind blowing. From robots to power machines, they can build a variety of pieces by mixing and matching power tools with basic building blocks. Lego is such an awesome toy which can satisfy the creative imagination and logical reasoning of young minds.

The beauty of Lego Mindstorms set is that they can help teens learn and fine tune STEM concepts, all while having fun. At this age, they are likely to spend more time in their room and probably would have out-grown many of their once favourite toys.

Men and boys of all ages would love to try a hand at Lego. This makes Lego Mindstorms a good play-kit for father-son hangout time. No one can ever go wrong with these Christmas gift ideas for teenage guys.

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Contributed by Nitha from The Trailing Mom

Rubik’s Cube

When I was a teenage boy, I loved my Rubik’s cube. I remember trying to solve it during long road trips from Sydney to Melbourne and the time just flew by. It’s one of those classic toys that are perfect for teen boys who like to solve problems, Math, Science or simply just using their mind to think outside of the box.

It makes for a great choice of birthday presents for teenage guys because it gives a very welcome break from too much sensory stimulation caused by phones and computers. And since it also requires fine motor skills, it also develops hand-eye coordination like almost nothing else.

Lastly, there are plenty of great resources online to teach you the formulas to solve the cube within five minutes and, I can I tell you from experience, it’s so satisfying!

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Contributed by Asher from Asher & Lyric

‘The Ultimate Alphabet’ by Mike Wilks

As a child, this was my favourite book. I was addicted and it provided me with hours of entertainment.

When I discovered it was still in print, and just as popular, a number of years later, the nostalgic part of me meant I purchase this as a Christmas gift for one of my nephews on impulse. I was so glad I did.

Mike has drawn 26 separate images that correspond to each letter of the alphabet. Within these exceedingly detailed images, there are hundreds of items that begin with that letter and the challenge is to identify as many of them as possible.

In a world full of technology, this offers a refreshing change. It keeps the reader engaged and also challenges them in terms of their literacy knowledge. My nieces and nephews all enjoy it.

Whilst younger boys can still appreciate this book, it is perhaps best appreciated when you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for 14 year old boys and around that age.

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Contributed by Gemma from A Girl And Her Dog On The Road


Binoculars are an all-around great present for a boy interested in nature, sports, photography, or any number of other hobbies. Binoculars allow you to see things close up that are far in the distance, a bit like a mini-telescope.

For example, you might see a whale leaping with the naked eye, but binoculars allow a better view of its markings. Seeing things up close is so useful. For example, binoculars are useful for planning a drone flight for photography or videography.

It also allows a close-up view of a throw, hit or kick at a sports event on a big field. There’s a reason opera goers use opera glasses, aka fancy binoculars.

Since binoculars are long-lasting, it’s best to select a pair that is small, lightweight, and has lenses good for as low light as possible. Choosing a lightweight pair is necessary, because when packing a bag for hiking, travel, or a day out, everything packed adds up in weight. Lenses for low light are also good, so the binoculars work well near dusk and on overcast days.

A good quality, lightweight pair is used for years and make for one of the best Christmas gifts for teenage guys

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Contributed by Jessica from Longest Bus Rides

Leatherman Multi-Tool

A Leatherman multi-tool makes an excellent choice of Christmas presents for teenage guys who are interested in camping, hiking, hunting, fishing or just being in the great outdoors. It’s also handy for things like taking apart computers or repairing appliances as it includes nifty wee screwdrivers and snips, as well as the usual knife, pliers and mini saw that make it so useful.

Leatherman is quite a prestigious brand and these things last a lifetime, so you’ll definitely get value for money with this gift. If you’re giving a Leatherman as a gift for a teen boy, you’ll want to first discuss how to use it safely, and how to store it responsibly, but for a kid who’s into the outdoor lifestyle, this gift is definitely a winner.

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Contributed by Emma from Kiwi Money Mum

Adventurous Experiences

Based on my two teenage sons, my best Christmas present ideas for teenage guys are adventurous experiences.

When my son recently turned 15, I gifted him a tandem sky dive. It was an amazing experience that my son will never forget! He was taken up in a light plane to 14 000 feet and then, strapped to an instructor, he jumped out!

Upon landing my son was absolutely buzzing with excitement over what he had just experienced! He said the view was absolutely breathtaking! I recommend paying extra to also purchase the video and photo package of such gifted experiences enabling your teen to share footage of their adventure on their social media channels of choice with their friends and family. We also printed an enlarged photo of his sky dive for his bedroom wall.

What I really love about gifting adventurous experiences is that teenagers not only get a buzz while doing the experience itself but they can later draw upon that experience when teenage life might become a bit challenging. They can use the experience to remind themselves that if they were able to jump out of a plane they can cope with anything!

Note that these sort of experiences do usually have a minimum age limit. In the case of sky diving, it’s 12 years.

Contributed by Ingrid from Fabulous and Fun Life

What are your top gift ideas for teenage boys?

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