Welcome to Simpler And Smarter!

I’m Jasmine. A 40 year-old Melbournian with three kids who can’t stop travelling!

I am also a digital entrepreneur who loves writing which is why I started this blog.

I wanted a place where I could write about everything I love – from my beloved home city of Melbourne to globetrotting to parenting three kids to being an entrepreneur to helping people make their life easier.

I also want to write about my continuous aim to live simpler and smarter.

This goal started back in 2013 after I read the 4 Hour Work Week.

I am not exaggerating to say that book changed my life.

The concept of lifestyle design is a takeaway which changed how we were living immediately and the rest of the book did eventually have me deciding to build an online business based on passive income so my family and I could have a better life.

While I certainly reached all my business goals, I do find lifestyle ones can be more complicated.

We have many of them on the surface. However, with 3 young kids, life is never simple.

My business is also not simple. It has many moving parts and I’m working hard at the moment to try to simplify it as it’s causing us a lot of stress.

I just want an easier life for us – with more time for fun. And I’m working hard to make that happen!

I hope on this site I can help you find everything you need to live life simpler and smarter too!