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Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Vacuum Cleaner 2018

In the quest for more simplicity, we’re focusing on improving the efficiency of our housework. My husband, the wannabe Zen monk, made a great observation that we spend too much time struggling to make things work for us. Nothing could be truer in regards to our vacuum. We’ve used

Buying Guide to the Best Slow Cooker 2018

Cooking is a major task in our house, if not the major task when it comes to domestic work that we really try to cut back on. Unless we fork out a lot of money for quality per-prepared food there’s no way round cooking ourselves. My wannabe Zen monk

Complete Guide To Finding The Best Juicer 2018

If you have read my guide on choosing the best cold pressed juicer, you will be aware that my family and I recently got onboard with the whole juicing craze and its various health benefits.  I then spent hours reading the various best juicer reviews to source the top