Australian Guide to Choosing the Best Knife Sharpener 2020

I’m not the chef of our family. That’s more my husband’s thing. He’s pretty handy in the kitchen and likes things fresh and healthy, which makes having the right tools important. Like knives.

He prefers to chop fresh things up rather than frozen and ready to cook equivalents, so our knives get a fair workout -particularly after we bought a slow cooker. A good knife sharpener is, therefore, an essential item – it keeps the blade straight and thin, perfect for fine cutting. It doesn’t take too long to use either – done regularly it doesn’t take more than a minute.

On the safety side of things, a blunt knife requires more pressure to be placed on it, in order for the knife to be able to cut properly. This increases the chance of a slip, and a resulting injury.

The best knife sharpener will not only keep you from some horrible knife cut but the best sharpener will help the blade on your knife.

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The best manual knife sharpener will allow you to quickly sharpen up blades, and the whole process is super quick and easy. We’re now going to talk about exactly how this handy tool is used, the different types, and how to find the best knife sharpener for your needs.

After reading this collection of the best knife sharpeners reviews 2020 edition, you’ll find exactly what the best knife sharpening kit is for you and your knives.

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Comparison Chart: Best Knife Sharpener Australia 2020

Anself V-SAN Three Stage Kitchen Knife SharpenerManual$$4.0Check
SunrisePro Manual Knife SharpenerManual$$$5.0Check
Davis & Waddell Electric Knife SharpenerElectric$$$4.5Check
New Wusthof Trident Knife SharpenerManual$$4.0Check
Global 550/GB Ceramic Water Knife SharpenerManual$$$4.5Check
Techwood Electric Knife SharpenerElectric$3.0Check
Langxun 2-In-1 Knife Sharpener StoneStone$4.5Check
Spyderco Ceramic Knife SharpenerManual$$$4.5Check
Toplus Knife SharpenerManual$4.5Check
Yoofor Knife Sharpener ProfessionalManual$$4.0Check

Top 9 Best Knife Sharpeners 2020

Handy reference list of best knife sharpeners Australia– see all knife sharpener reviews below!

  • Anself V-SAN Three Stage Kitchen Knife Sharpener, Manual
  • Sunrise Pro Manual Knife Sharpener, Manual
  • Davis & Waddell Electric Knife Sharpener, Electric
  • New Wusthof Trident Precision Edge, Manual
  • Techwood Electric Knife Sharpener, Electric
  • Global 550/GB Ceramic Water Knife Sharpener, Manual
  • Toplus Knife Sharpener, Manual
  • Spyderco Ceramic Tri-Angle Knife Fine & Medium Sharpener, Manual
  • Yoofor Knife Sharpener, Manual

How Is A Knife Sharpened?

Back in the day, knives were simply sharpened against another knife, but this didn’t do the job as well as today’s sharpening tools. Basically, in order to make a knife sharp, it needs to be rubbed against an abrasive surface several times over, but this has to be done at the correct part, and at the right speed.

Something called a ‘burr’ also needs to be formed on the blade, which is then removed with a different abrasive. This ensures that the knife is not only sharp but evenly, so across its entire blade. The best knife sharpener in the world combines all of these factors.

Confused? Don’t be. The best electric knife sharpener on the market will be able to do this for you within a matter of seconds, and the best sharpening stone, e.g. an abrasive surface that does the trick, will also be super efficient.

We’re going to talk through some knife sharpener reviews a little later on, to help you make your choice. But rest assured, knife sharpening Australia is straightforward today.

A chef sharpening a knife, highlighting the need to have a good sharpener. To help, this article has the best knife sharpener review Australia, including electric knife sharpener reviews Australia.

Types Of Knife Sharpeners

Unsurprisingly, there are several ways to sharpen a knife. Mainly, these are grouped into electric and manual sharpeners and sharpening stones.

There are pros and cons to all of them so what’s the best knife sharpener for you will depend on your needs and preferences.

To find the best knife sharpening system, you should first think about which type will suit you best.


Everything in the world these days is electrified, and that includes the process of sharpening your knives! The best electric knife sharpeners Australia offers will be able to do the trick in half the time of most other forms, and this probably is the best way to sharpen kitchen knives effectively.

Electric knife sharpener reviews all rate this type of tool very highly.

This type of sharpener works by using the force of electricity to create the resistance to sharpen against, but also have a two or three phase method. This means that the knife is first sharpened against a coarse grit, which works great on very blunt knives, before the final step of a finer grit, which finishes off the job and creates the sharpness.

Most of these types of sharpener also have a guide, which allows you to know when you are hitting the right part of the knife that needs attention.


  • A much faster way of sharpening your knives
  • This type of knife sharpener will do the job to a high standard
  • Ideal for commercial use


  • Quite expensive, especially if you are going for the best sharpening steel brand
  • False economy for those who only us their knives occasionally, e.g. a small household

Man holding and sharpening a knife used to illustrate the best knife sharpener reviews Australia.


As the name would suggest, a manual knife sharpener requires a little elbow grease by the user! Despite that, best knife sharpener reviews rate the manual option very highly, and that is because they are easy to use, effective, and as a result, much cheaper than an electric version.

This type of sharpener is ideal for a regular kitchen, i.e. a small family who cook regularly, but not excessively.

A manual knife sharpener is sometimes also called a ‘handheld sharpener’, and this is basically a tool which has either one or several ruts with various levels of grit (abrasive surface) within them. You simply move your knife backwards and forwards to sharpen up the blade. Simple!


  • Easy to use
  • The best home knife sharpener would probably be a manual type because it is cheaper than an electric sharpener
  • You can control how sharp you make your knives


  • It takes longer to sharpen your knives manually, compared to electrically

Sharpening Stones 

Finally, we have sharpening stones, which are a version of a manual sharpener, but instead of being a metal or plastic tool with grooves provided to insert the knife into, a sharpening stone is literally that, a flat stone.

This means it doesn’t have a guide or grooves. This can be an issue for those who are a little nervous about sharpening knives or those who aren’t very experienced.

The best sharpening stone for kitchen knives is made of one of three materials, namely Novaculite, Aluminum oxide, or Silicon Carbide. These stones are abrasive, flat stones which work by first grinding against the steel of the blade, to rid it of any bluntness, and then honing, which creates the final sharpness.

This type of sharpener could also be described as the best pocket knife sharpener, because of its compact and small size.

You can see how to use a sharpening stone here.


  • Easily available and quite low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Very effective at sharpening up regular knives, especially small-sized knives


  • There are no grooves or guides, so it can be difficult for a nervous user, or a first time user
  • Takes some manual elbow grease to use!
  • Not ideal for large knives

Type Of Knife

Of course, it might be that you are not sharpening up a regular kitchen knife, and instead, you could be looking for the best option for sharpening a hunting knife. If this is the case then you need to opt for the best hunting knife sharpener for your needs, as opposed to a regular option.

Hunting knives are made of slightly different materials and are shaped slightly differently, due to their specialised requirements. For this reason, you need a specialised sharpener to do the job effectively. Check out our best knife sharpener reviews online to find the ideal option for your personalised requirements.

what is the best knife sharpener? Read our reviews for the world's best knife sharpener!


As you would expect, an electric knife sharpener is a more expensive option than a regular, manual sharpener. Sharpening stones are also a low budget option, but it does depend on what they are made of, as to how much they will cost you.

The most traditional type of sharpening stone is made of Novaculite, and this will be the more pricey option in the sharpening stone sub-category.

You really need to assess your particular needs in terms of what you can expect to pay. If you are a commercial user, or you do a lot of cooking and food prep, then perhaps an electric option is the best kitchen knife sharpener for you.

The best rated knife sharpener is always going to be more expensive, but this is where you need to check out reviews to see if it is worth the extra cost for you and your needs. The best value knife sharpener isn’t always the cheapest but cheap does not mean no good.

So, what’s the best cheap knife sharpener around currently? Read our reviews to discover the best.

Best Knife Sharpener Reviews Australia 2020

Anself V-SAN Three Stage Kitchen Knife Sharpener Review – Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener Australia

This next review is another manual knife sharpener and one which is certainly very modern in its appearance.

This particular product offers a three-phase sharpening process, which has a coarse slot, a medium slot, and a slot for honing the final result of the blade. This basically means that your knife is going to be super sharp at the end of the process.

The outer of the sharpener is hexagonal in design, which not only makes it more attractive to look at but also makes it easier to hold whilst you are sharpening your knives. You can store it away at the end of the process in a regular drawer, as it is quite compact.

In addition, the sharpener has ‘anti-skid’ patches at the bottom of the design, so it isn’t going to be moving around whilst you’re sharpening your knives.

Overall, this is a very practical and effective product and quite low cost too.

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SunrisePro Manual Knife Sharpener Review – Best Manual Knife Sharpener 2020

This particular option is a manual type of sharpener, which makes it ideal for those who aren’t so au fait with sharpening knives. The product is sturdy and easy to use, as well as coming from a big name brand, for extra confidence.

There are two ‘slots’ to place your knife into, and all you need is four one way strokes in the coarse slot, and then another four one way strokes in the fine slot – there is no need for a ‘back and forth’ motion. This will grind and hone your knives to a nearly new status.

This sharpener is also small, despite it being sturdy, and it will fit into a utensil drawer, so it doesn’t take up precious space on your countertop. Having said that, it shouldn’t be used in a dishwasher or placed in a bowl or water – clean with a cloth only.

Overall, the SunrisePro knife sharpener Australia is a great option for beginners, and for those who simply want to keep their knives sharp on an occasional basis.

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Davis & Waddell Electric Knife Sharpener Review – Best Electric Knife Sharpener Australia 2020

This option is an electric knife sharpener, which offers a quick and easy alternative to a manual type of product. This is ideal for those who use their knives a lot, e.g. a lot of food prep, or for commercial use.

This particular option is very easy to use, and uses a two-stage grinding motion, one coarse and one fine; this creates knives which are as sharp as the day you bought them.

The product has a non-slip base, to stop it moving around during use, and all you literally need to do is turn the machine on and place your knife in the corresponding slot. There is also a drawer underneath which can be removed, and this gets rid of any dust or remnants, for an easy cleaning experience.

In addition to knives, this machine also sharpens screwdrivers and scissors too, so it is a multifunctional kind of deal. It’s our pick for the best commercial knife sharpener on this list.

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New Wusthof Trident Precision Edge, Two Stage Knife Sharpener Review

This is another manual type of knife sharpener, which is a two-stage deal. This particular product works on knives with a straight edge, and it also works on scissors, making it a good household investment.

There are two coarseness options, one which sharpens up blunt blades, and the other which is made of ceramic and works to hone the blade and finish up the edges. The sharpener also has handles which allow you to grip the sharpener with ease, and prevent it from moving whilst it is in use. The base is also flat, for extra safety.

Again, you shouldn’t put this manual sharpener in a bowl of water or a dishwasher, and it should simply be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. This particular sharpener is a little larger than the previous manual type we reviewed, and this is mainly down to the size of the handle, which is an added safety feature.

Thanks to its small size, this is the best portable knife sharpener of the options reviewed here.

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Global 550/GB Ceramic Water Knife Sharpener Review

This Global Ceramic Water Knife Sharpener is a three stage, manual knife sharpener that is suitable for anyone after something that is easy to use, even for novices.

The colour coded knife sharpener has three ceramic wheels, coarse, medium and fine, so you can return even the dullest knife to its former glory. The water canister ensures the knife is washed and kept cool for superior sharpening.

The handle on the Global sharpener is designed to be easily and securely gripped and has a soft insert for added comfort.

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Techwood Electric Knife Sharpener Review

The difference between this particular electric knife sharpener and the one that we have already reviewed is the way you sharpen it, i.e. the angle you use. Again, this sharpener also works on screwdrivers and scissors.

The wheels which turn to create the sharpening are made from a professional grade of sapphire strength steel, which basically means you’re getting quality for your cash.

To work this product, you simply turn on the machine and insert the knife into the slot, holding it at your most comfortable angle. All you need to do is ensure that you keep the blunt edge of the blade on the slot for sharpening, and this machine sharpens in one stage only.

This means you don’t need to remove and place into a honing slot, as it is all done there and then, very quickly indeed.

Either professional or home use is ideal for this type of sharpener, so it really depends on your budget whether you opt for this one or a cheaper version. It is a very good price, however.

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Spyderco Ceramic Tri-Angle Knife Fine & Medium Sharpener Review

The Spyderco Ceramic Tri-Angle Knife Fine and Medium Sharpener fills an interesting niche. More sophisticated than simple sharpeners that require the knife to be run through a certain slot, the Spyderco aims to recreate the finishes and sharpness produced by quality sharpening stones.

Its main feature is a set of interchangeable sharpening surfaces of various grades of stone that can be inserted into the base at angles of 30 and 40 degrees. There is also a setting for sharpening scissors. For safety there are two bronze rods to protect the user’s hand that is not holding the knife.

The different angles allow different knives and blades to be sharpened as needed. The user just needs to hold the knife straight and move the blade up and down against the stone surface. This replicates the way in which high quality sharpening stones are used but reduces the complexity and need to hold the knife at the right angle without a guide.

Reviews have all commented on the quality of results although there is a bit of a learning curve to get the most out of the Spyderco.

While more costly and with a steeper learning curve than other sharpeners, the Spyderco yields far better results once mastered and is cheaper and easier than a good quality sharpening stone set.

Is the Spyderco the best manual sharpener 2020 will serve up? It might be the best sharpener, depending on your needs. It’s a great sharpener if most sharpeners are too basic but you’re not at the level to properly use a sharpening stone but still want high quality results.

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Toplus Knife Sharpener Review

This manual knife sharpener from Toplus is budget friendly and makes quick work of sharpening your dull knives with its efficient three stage system.

The Toplus knife sharpener has three stages, a diamond rod for repairing and straightening, tungsten steel blade for sharpening and a ceramic rod for polishing.

The ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortable grip and, coupled with the non-slip base, provides a safe and secure way to hold the sharpener. This sharpener also features a removable grinder head for easy cleaning and comes with a 1 year warranty for peace of mind.

This is a cheap, no frills knife sharpener that does exactly what you need of it without blowing your budget. It is the best diamond knife sharpener on this list.

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Yoofor Knife Sharpener & Scissor Professional 4 in 1 Review

This is a very attractive manual knife sharpener, which will certainly fit in with the décor of a modern kitchen design. In sleek silver/metal, this is a 4 in 1 system, which has a large handle for holding the product whilst you are sharpening your knives or even your scissors. This means it is a very safe product, and you can be sure that it isn’t going to move around, thanks to the non-slip base too.

This is quite a cost-effective choice and one which gives versatility. The first slot is for sharpening scissors, with the following three for knives. This means you will be able to grind, hone, and polish your blades, to create an almost new effect.

The appearance of this product means that it could just as easily be given as a gift! Overall, however, this manual knife sharpener is a very efficient and cost-effective choice to go for.

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I hope you found your best knife sharpener 2020. Need a great new chef knife to go with your sharpener? Find our guide to the best chef knives here.

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