Guide To Finding The Best Ice Cream Maker Australia [2021]

Last summer was hot. One day when the kids were at home, we were all feeling hot and bothered. This is when Mr 4 came up with the perfect idea, we should make ice cream! It will cool us down and give us something to do.

The kids were disappointed when I told them there was no way we could do this as we didn’t have an ice cream maker. But the more I thought about it, the more I considered, why didn’t we have one!?

Even a cheap ice cream maker is a great idea for summertime – it allows you to experiment with flavours and it’s a great cooking task that kids can help contribute to. Since we bought the best ice cream maker we could find, homemade ice cream is a part of life, summer or not and along with our air fryer, it’s one of our most frequently used appliances.

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But what is the best ice cream maker 2021 offers? Below, we’ve listed what we think makes the top ice cream maker – whether you’re looking for the best home soft serve ice cream maker or the best gelato maker – as well as best ice cream maker reviews to help you find a top rated ice cream maker for your home.

In this guide to finding the best gelato machines for sale Australia has, we’ll cover the essentials of what you need to look for in a home soft serve machine Australia or a refrigerated ice cream maker and how to work out which features you do or don’t need in your ideal icecream machine.

Let’s get stuck in to these best ice cream machine Australia reviews!

Get help deciding which is the best ice cream maker brand below.

Compare Best Ice Cream Makers 2021

Want to know what is best ice cream maker to buy? Check out the top picks in the table below, and then scroll down to read my ice cream maker Australia reviews in more detail. Clicking on any of the product names will take you to Amazon or eBay so you can see the latest price and buy if you wish.

NameCapacity Self-Refrigeration (Y/N)Rating (/5)Price
Breville BCI600BSS The Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker1 LitreYes4.5Click here
Cuisinart ICE-21A 1.5L Ice Cream Maker1.5 LitresYes4.5Click here
Apuro Ice Cream Maker1.5 LitresYes4.0Click here
Lello 4080 Musso Lussino1.5 LitresYes4.5Click here
Zoku Ice Cream Maker0.5 LitreNo3.5Click here
West Bend Dual Single Serve Ice Cream Maker1 LitreNo3.5Click here
Davis & Waddell Electric Ice Cream Maker1.5 LitresYes4.5Click here
Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker ICE-100BCA1.5 LitreNo4.5Click here
Klee 3-Piece Instant Ice Cream Maker0.5 LitreNo3.5Click here
Smoothie Maker Ice Cream Roll Pan0.5 LitreNo4.0Click here

The Best Ice Cream Maker Australia 2021

Here’s a handy reference list – see all ice cream maker reviews below!

  • Breville Bci600Bss, 1L
  • Cuisinart ICE-21A Ice Cream Maker, 1.5L
  • Apuro Ice Cream Maker, 1.5L
  • Lello 4080 Musso Lussino, 1.5L
  • Zoku Ice Cream Maker, 0.5L
  • West Bend Ice Cream Maker, 1L
  • Davis & Waddell Ice Cream Maker, 1.5L
  • Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker ICE-100BCA, 1.5L
  • Klee 3-Piece Instant Ice Cream Maker, 0.5L
  • Smoothie Maker Ice Cream Roll Pan, 0.5L

Do You Need An Ice Cream Maker To Make Ice Cream?

We all love ice cream, no matter what the flavour, but do you really need to purchase an ice cream maker to enjoy a bowl of the frozen stuff? Well, yes and no. If you want to make ice cream the old-fashioned way, then no, it isn’t a true necessity, but if you want to save time, then purchasing a machine is a great way to enjoy your favourite sweet snack, in much less time.

The best ice cream maker will create batches of your specific flavour and ice cream base quickly and easily, churning automatically, whereas the old-fashioned, manual way will take a lot of time and elbow grease. Do remember to check out ice cream maker reviews before you decide on the product you’re going to purchase.

What's the best ice cream maker to buy? ice cream.maker

How Does An Ice Cream Maker Work?

There are two main types of ice cream maker on the market, the automatic ones, and the ones which you use partly manually. We are going to concentrate mostly on the automatic variety because they are much easier to use. The best ice cream maker Australia option will certainly be an automatic type, and this is important when you’re planning to buy ice cream churner model.

Basically, ice cream makers use a compressor to force movement, in this case, a spinning action. This spinning combines the ingredients and makes the ice cream smooth and delicious. A cheap ice cream maker could be automatic, but it may also be one which you have to spin yourself, i.e. to make that smooth consistency that ice cream is so famous for.

What Else Can You Do With An Ice Cream Maker?

best icecream maker and icecream makers

You certainly need to do your homework before purchasing an ice cream maker because not all actually make ice cream! The best ice cream maker on the market will make a mixture of frozen desserts, e.g. ice, ice cream, gelato, frozen yoghurt, whereas some of the cheaper models may just make ice creams.

You need to check the small print before you opt for a particular product. You should also check online for the best ice cream recipe for ice cream maker too, because that way you can find out if you are able to make exactly what you want in the product you’re thinking of buying.

How To Find The Best Ice Cream Maker 2021

Of course, there are certain things you need to look into before making your decision. The best home ice cream maker will not only do exactly what you want it to, but it will fit into your budget too. Here are a few things you need to look out for.

1. Capacity

Different ice cream machines Australia have different capacities in terms of how many litres of ice cream they can produce at any one time. Machines with larger capacities are likely to be more expensive, but check out home ice cream machine reviews below to be sure of exact capacities prior to your purchase.

A cheaper model will make less ice cream, and you will need to do more batches.

best ice cream maker 2020 Australia

2. Self Refrigerating

Some ice cream makers Australia are self-cooling, which makes the whole process of making ice cream much easier than models that don’t have this extra feature. They are also known as compressor models.

The best ice cream maker 2021 models will certainly have this feature.

Those that don’t self-refrigerate will require you to put the contents you are creating into the fridge.

3. Additional Features

Of course, some models will have extras which makes ice cream making easier. For instance, digital timers, digital screens, easy clean mechanisms, easily removable parts, self-refrigerating features as well as different mechanisms for ice cream churning so there’s less chance of forming ice crystals.

Look out for any additional features that you might like when deciding on your final purchase. Also remember that the more features a product has, the more likely it is to be a little more expensive.

Top Ice Cream Maker Reviews Australia 2021

What’s the best ice cream maker? Read the ice cream reviews below to find out as we take a look at the top ice cream machines for sale Australia has.

Breville BCI600BSS The Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker Review

One of the popular Breville ice cream makers, this Breville smart scoop ice cream maker best price option is ideal for those who want to create delicious, soft ice cream, and who also want the confidence of a big name brand. You only need to head online and check out Breville ice cream maker reviews to see how highly this product scores on a regular basis.

This Breville ice cream machine and top rated ice cream maker has 12 hardness settings, so you can choose your preferred level of softness and the machine senses it from your settings throughout the process. There is also a pre-cool function on this machine which keeps your ice cream exactly how it needs to be.

This top ice cream maker creates not only ice cream but also sorbet, gelato and frozen yoghurt, and you create these by simply choosing your setting on the easy to read display, and letting it do its thing! There is also a keep cool function which works for up to three hours. All of this and the machine is also super easy to clean, and more in line with a commercial ice cream maker.

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Cuisinart ICE-21A 1.5L Ice Cream Maker Review

Another big named brand is Cuisinart – a brand people think of when asking what’s the best ice cream maker brand. Ice cream maker reviews all rate this product very highly again. This Cuisinart ice cream maker review found a very versatile machine as it not only makes delicious and soft ice cream but it can also produce frozen yoghurt and sorbet too.

The capacity is 1.5 litres, so it is more than enough for a large family and you can also create frozen drinks too, such as slushies. The machine creates delicious snacks in just 25 minutes on average.

If you want to add extra ingredients to your sorbet, drinks, or ice cream, there is also a large spout built into the machine – allowing you to add extras to your creations at just the right time.

For larger families, or simply those who love ice cream, this Cuisinart option is a great one to go for.

The cost might be slightly higher than some of the lesser known brand names, but the quality of the Cuisinart ice cream maker Australia really does speak for itself, and is comparable to the popular Whynter ice cream maker Australia.

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Apuro Ice Cream Maker Review

This is one of the best soft serve ice cream machine Australia options on the market. It has a large 1.5 litre capacity too, so it is ideal for large families and ice cream lovers alike. If you’re looking for an ice cream maker with compressor Australia option then you’ll be interested to read more in this review.

This machine has a very strong and high-quality compressor, so it mixes ingredients to create high-quality ice cream. There is a built-in freezer within the machine, so there is no need to place the bowl into the freezer before use. The machine can also create frozen yoghurt and sorbet as well as ice cream.

This is one of the best compressor ice cream maker choices, and it’s strong and durable construction means it will last the test of time, even if you use it on a regular basis. This means you are getting serious quality for your cash. The Apuro ice cream machine is one of the best ice cream freezer choices on the market to boot.

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Lello 4080 Musso Lussino Review

When we look at the Lello 4080 Musso Lussino Australia, this is one of the best gelato maker Australia products around. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to create a larger amount of the delicious cold stuff, at 1.5 litres per usage. You can easily make not only ice cream, but yoghurt and sorbet too, and it takes around an hour for the process to be complete.

This best rated ice cream maker is super easy to use, as you simply pour your ingredients into the bowl and then press only two buttons, then wait! This automatic option is, therefore, one of the most stress-free choices on our list, and there are different timer controls for each type of frozen snack you want to make.

Your purchase will also include the bowl and paddle, and the whole machine is very easy to clean.

The cost of the Lello 4880 Musso Lussino Australia may put a few people off, as it is quite high in price, but the quality of the machine is something which cements its worth.

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Zoku Ice Cream Maker Review

soft serve machine home Australia

The next best ice cream maker machine on our list is slightly different to the other ones we have reviewed so far. This is a more manual type of machine, whereas our others have been automatic.

You don’t need electricity for this machine, which makes it great on your utility bills, and you can mix together your ingredients in less than 10 minutes, storing them in the freezer in the included bowl.

This is one of the best homemade ice cream maker choices because it is so simple to use. There are no confusing controls or LED displays to think about – you simply combine your ingredients to create either frozen yoghurt, ice cream or gelato and store it in the freezer until you’re ready to eat it.

The purchase comes with the stainless steel bowl, a spoon, and protective sleeve. You can then easily clean the contents with warm, soapy water, ready for your next use. The other plus point is the price, as this particular product is lower than many of the other choices we have reviewed.

If you are happy with a manual option and want a small ice cream maker or gelato machine Australia then this is a good pick.

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West Bend Dual Single Serve Ice Cream Maker Review

When asking what is the best ice cream maker on the market, it’s important to consider the range of budgets out there. Some people want to know which best buy ice cream maker is cheap, whilst others are happy to spend a little more.

When it comes to this West Bend ice cream maker, ice cream makers reviews frequently mention this as a reliable, convenient product. The best part about this ice cream churner Australia is that you can add candies or syrup directly into to ice cream.

Operation is as simple as flicking a switch. In comparison to other machines in our ice cream maker reviews Australia offers, one of the advantages with this model are the two freezer jugs which make it easy to make ice cream in bulk and then store some for later. You can even make two different flavours at the same time, and is definitely one of my top icecream maker reviews if you need to make different flavours of ice cream at the same time.

It’s also one to consider for soft serve ice cream machine for home use. If you’re looking for the best ice cream maker to buy, the best ice cream makers consumer reports frequently feature this as well worth a look.

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Davis & Waddell Electric Ice Cream Maker Review

davis & waddell electric ice cream maker review

In this Davis and Waddell ice cream maker review, you’ll find that making your own frozen treats is easy with this excellent homemade ice cream machine from Davis & Waddell. With this compact ice cream maker, you can make traditional ice cream, creamy gelato, delicious frozen yogurt, or refreshing sorbet.

The ease of use is one of the best aspects of this product. All you need to do is freeze the 1.5-litre freezer bowl ahead of time, add your desired ingredients, flip the switch, and your frozen treat will begin churning. After 15 to 30 minutes, you can use the convenient pouring chute to dispense the ice cream.

Other great features on the Davis & Waddell Electric Ice Cream Maker include the transparent lid, which allows you to observe the churning process, and the non-slip feet, which help to avoid a disaster in the kitchen. The product comes with a 12-month limited warranty and an instruction leaflet with fun recipe suggestions. If you love the sound of this Davis & Waddell ice cream maker review, click on the link below to find out more.

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Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker ICE-100BCA Review

Definitely one of the best icecream machine options out there when it comes to looks, this sleek silver coloured best ice cream churner has a brushed stainless steel housing and looks great in the kitchen, without taking up half of your worktop space. You’ll see from many cuisinart ice cream maker reviews that this product has many fans.

The machine is suitable for commercial use too, and you won’t be surprised to hear that this Cuisinart commercial ice cream maker is one of the best icecream makers in this list. It features a fully automatic processor, has a 6o minute countdown timer with LCD control panel, has a 10 minute keep cool function, and makes ice cream from scratch in just 40 minutes!

So, if you want ice cream in a hurry from a great quality commercial gelato machine Australia has – look no further than this machine. If you’re serious about ice cream, it’s worth the investment.

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Klee 3-Piece Instant Ice Cream Maker Review

If you want an ice cream maker that’s truly innovative with very little fuss, you need to check out this self cooling ice cream maker device. It works in a different way than any of the others in this guide and is perfect for small kitchens or if you don’t want a bulky big ice cream maker at home. Another reason to go for this model is it’s suited to vegan and speciality ice creams.

The Klee works by putting the tray into the freezer 24 hours ahead of time. Then remove it from the freezer, simply pour your ice-cream batter into the tray and watch it freeze in front of your eyes! There’s no need to wait – ice-cream is literally ready in minutes with this clever tray. If you’re looking at options to buy ice cream maker Australia and aren’t sure where to start, this is an option worth considering.

This instant ice cream maker can be used to make dairy ice cream, frozen yoghurt, gelato and sorbet at home. You can add fruit, nuts, candies or cookies at the end to make every recipe your own. This is definitely one of the more unique icecream maker reviews, and I highly recommend giving this a try. It’s important to note that the pan can’t be washed in the dishwasher, and it’s important to use the scrapers that are provided with it for scraping the ice cream out.

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Smoothie Maker Ice Cream Roll Pan Review

If you love the sound of the Klee above, this smoothie maker roll pan is well worth a look too. Based on the same principles, you pop the pan into the freezer the night before (24 hours), and then remove it when you’re ready to make your frozen desert. This model is recommended for making frozen yoghurt, simple ice cream or frozen juices.

This pan is on the small side – it makes two cups of ice cream or frozen desert at any one time – so if you have a larger family or want to make more, we’d recommend buying a larger pan or machine.

If you’re looking at ice cream makers for sale and don’t want to commit to something large or expensive just yet, or only want a machine for occasional use, a tray like this one can be a great option – it’s certainly only a fraction of a typical ice cream churner machine price!

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We hope you found your best ice cream machine. Want to read more guides on appliances for the home? You can find them here.

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