Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Pram 2019 in Australia!

If there is one thing I know too much about, it’s picking the best pram.

This is because, for a while there, I ran a website all about prams. This meant I spent a lot of time researching and trying out the best options.

It also meant I became semi-obsessed.

For baby number 1, I had one pram. When baby number 2 came along, we got a second pram but only because we needed a double (baby number 1 was just 1 at the time).

For baby number 3, however, who came along after I worked on the pram site, I have 4 prams.

Yep 4.

This is because the more I knew about prams, the more I realised that there is no perfect pram. There are just perfect prams for different occasions.

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Expensive prams are not always the best, and there’s plenty of good quality cheap prams online.

This is why I created this guide – to help you identify your needs and to find the best prams to meet them.

Below you’ll find pram reviews of the best prams Australia offers, as well as some advice on how to select the best one for you.

Comparison Chart of the Best Prams 2019

Use the chart below to compare prams from the best baby prams for sale. You can read more about each pram in the dedicated pram reviews below.

PramTypeSuitable From Birth?Max. WeightRating
Maclaren M-01SingleYes20kg4.0
Baby Jogger City SelectSingleNo20.5kg4.5
Valco Baby Ultra SnapSingleYes20.5kg4.0
BOB Revolution ProSingleNo31.5kg4.5
Bugaboo Cameleon 3SingleYes17kg3.5
Baby Jogger City Mini GTSingleYes29.5kg4.0
Mountain Buggy NanoSingleNo20kg4.0
Thule Urban GlideSingleYes (with adapter)34kg4.5
Baby Jogger Summit X3SingleYes34kg4.5
Maclaren T-01 TwinDoubleYes20kg (per seat)4.0
Mountain Buggy Duet V3 BuggyDoubleYes18kg4.5
Baby Jogger City Mini GT DoubleDoubleYes22.5kg (per seat)4.0

How to choose the Best Pram Australia

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Choosing a pram can quickly become complicated as there are many things you need to consider. The weight of your decision should be depend split between your child’s individual requires and your own lifestyle needs.

For example, your everyday pram will require much more consideration than a simple umbrella pram and other cheap prams that you will keep in the boot.

Note: The top pram is going to the safest one, and this depends entirely on how you use it. To ensure you’re using your pram correctly, read the tips about pram safety here.

Try and consider the following things when looking for an ideal pram.

1. What is the purpose of the pram?

The single most important question you need to ask yourself is this – besides pushing your children around, what is the purpose of the pram?

Are you an active parent that wants to push the pram while jogging? Are you an avid traveller that needs a pram portable enough for travel? Knowing this will help you find a pram closer to meeting your needs.

Single/double prams

Generally speaking, a single or double stronger doesn’t give much away other than the number of seats. Within both single and double categories is a range of prams ranging from lightweight umbrellas to heavy-duty joggers – and everything in between.

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The basic single/double pram is one designed for everyday use. They are strong and sturdy enough for regular use and which will usually have more additional features as standard than small prams and other cheap prams for sale. They are also more costly and heavy than lightweight prams.

While single prams always have a single seat (and sometimes the option for a bassinet to be attached), twin prams for sale have two seats either sitting side by side or one in front of the other.

find the best small pram for newborn below

Other types of prams

It’s worth noting that there can be some crossover between the type of pram, and one pram can potentially be multiple types to remember that a pram can be more than one type. For example, you can find double jogger prams or umbrella style travel prams.

Below are some common types of prams you will find…

Umbrella – An ultra-lightweight pram, an umbrella pram is compact and folds up in a similar way to an umbrella. They can be used in addition to your everyday pram and are best suited for keeping in the boot for quick trips and will have fewer features than a pram intended for everyday use.

Jogger – A jogger is ideal for active parents that want to jog/run with their baby. They usually have larger, lockable all-terrain wheels for pushing your baby at speed. They can feature better suspension making them easier to push and usually have larger wheels. You can find joggers in both singles and doubles. Note: you shouldn’t jog with your baby until they reach 6 months old.

Travel Stroller – A portable pram in between a single and an umbrella. Because it is used regularly, the best travel pram needs to be stronger but still retain the lightweight and portable elements of an umbrella pram.

Do note, however, that there can be some crossover between these types, and one pram can potentially be multiple types.

2. Age/weight of the child

the best pram for newborn to toddler depends on their weight

The age and weight of your child isn’t just a concern for the longevity of your pram, it’s also one of the top safety concerns. Getting this wrong is not an option.

Certain prams are not suitable for newborns, such as many joggers and prams that don’t have a 180-degree reclining seat.

Prams can differentiate quite a bit in this maximum weight and height capacity – especially for doubles where the maximum weight can be the same as a single.

Assess your needs and ensure the pram can handle it.

3. Weight of the pram

Although lightweight can be great, it’s not always the better option.

Prams come in a variety of different weights depending on the type of pram and the features it has. Most everyday single and double pram wheel feature decent wheel suspension which means you’ll require less effort to push the pram. This offsets the weight although you can still find some relatively lightweight prams in this range.

The most lightweight prams of all, such as ultra-lightweight umbrella prams, can lack suspension which means they actually become a whole lot more difficult to push and definitely not the best pram for a newborn.

It’s worth analysing whether you will spend more time transporting it (such as travelling where portability is essential) or more time pushing (where portability is more of a preference than an essential) when deciding this.

good prams for walking need a sturdy frame

4. Additional features

Again, this highlights the need to understand the purpose of the pram.

As the ideal pram for you will be dependent on your lifestyle needs, the additional features you require will differ from others.

For me as with many other travelling parents, a travel bag is essential.

For most parents, this includes things like cup holders for both parents and child, a parent organiser tray, an under basket for storage and the ability to use the pram as a travel system – although the list goes on.

new baby prams will have the latest features

5. Design

Wheels – Wheel size determines a lot. The most important things to consider with the wheels are the size, whether they are swivel wheels or locked into place and whether or not they are ones that require air. Generally, the larger the wheels, the better equipped it is for rougher terrain on good prams.

Seat recline – Do you need a reclining seat? If so, how much? There are two things to consider here – the first is that a seat that reclines fully flat is one essential element of a newborn pram. If you’re looking to use the pram from birth, this isn’t negotiable. The second is whether or not you can see your baby sleeping in the pram. For an everyday pram, a flat or near flat recline works nicely for this.

Basket – There’s no denying that a storage basket is a handy feature to have, but there are both pros and cons to having a larger one – namely that the size of the pram can increase quite substantially. You can find prams with storage on the rear of the seats, and while this can be limited, it can be a good alternative to a hard to reach under the basket.

Frame – The sturdiness of the pram is dependent on the frame. It’s an essential part of good baby prams and can be harder to judge, which is why it’s essential to read pram reviews to see how the pram holds up.

Appearance – It can seem almost trivial, but a good design is still important as often your pram can inadvertently become an accessory! You can find pram in a variety of colours to suit you, as well as models ranging from sporty to traditional. Of course, features come first, but getting something you like to use can make it all the more enjoyable to use!

Top Pram Reviews of 2019

Now that you know what you should be looking for, you can read our reviews of the top prams of 2019 that were listed in the comparison chart above. These are the most popular prams of 2019 so that you can find the best pram to buy.

Top Single Baby Pram Reviews

BOB Revolution Pro Review

The BOB revolution is one of the best affordable prams I've owned

As one of the best pram brands, BOB makes some fabulous prams, and within the Revolution range exists several different types. The Pro is the cheapest type, and yet still just as usable.

This is one of those prams that offers flexibility to be used as both a jogger and as an everyday pram.

This pram is practically designed to tackle tough terrain due to the state of the art coil suspension – it’s super strong! The seats are padded and comfortable with a 5 point harness, multi-level recline and a large canopy overhead. The wheels can also be removed with the press of a button making transport a breeze.

This is a big pram, and while that’s a benefit for many, for others it’s not. The basket also isn’t the largest, but it is manageable. A high weight limit means its great for big kids too.

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Baby Jogger City Select Pram Review

Among the most popular baby pram makes is Baby Jogger with the Baby Jogger City Select is the best city pram.

What makes this pram so great is that its adaptable for basically every situation – there are over 16 different ways to position the pram.

Suitable from 6 months old, the pram can have a second seat added to be used as a double and a stand for a third child. As these are purchased separately, I consider would still consider this to be a single pram.

Front wheel suspension makes the ride smoother and the tyres are a good size for taking on varied terrain. Everything for your child is adjustable including the footrest and canopy height. Storage is also great.

The one con is that the pram is heavier compared with others, but this is a small price for a big return.

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Maclaren M-01 Pram Review

It can be difficult to find a lightweight pram suitable for a newborn, but the Maclaren M-01 pram is exactly that – it’s one of the best cheap prams for newborn.

The pram is a basic design offering a seat with full recline, a 5 point harness and a decent canopy. The lightweight design makes this pram perfect for travel or as an option to keep in the boot rather than an everyday use.

The pram is super easy to fold and unfold one handed but isn’t overly feature packed.

Like many newborn baby prams, this one lacks cup holders and a parents tray and has only modest storage underneath. This is definitely manageable, and while it’s not an all-rounder, it’s durable and more than capable of getting the job done as one of the cheap baby prams.

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Valco Baby Ultra Snap Review

one of my personal top 5 prams is the valco snap

Compact, lightweight and great for small spaces, the Valco Baby Ultra Snap scores top points for its design and durability.

If you’re looking for an affordable option from birth, this could be it. The Valco Baby Ultra Snap has some great features such as an adjustable canopy, great maneuverability and a lightweight design and a huge benefit of this pram is that it can be used both forward and rear facing.

It’s also quite adaptable – you can remove the wheels and replace them with all-terrain tyres, and you can purchase an adapter to use the pram as a travel system.

While it’s got some great pros, I do wish the fold was more compact and that the pram could be folded with one hand. But for the comfort of a newborn, and parent, the pram does brilliantly.

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Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Review

It needs to be said, The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 pram isn’t for everyone. Yes, it’s got some fabulous features, but the best pram needs to be an all-rounder, and a price tag like this already pushes it outside the boundaries for many parents.

But if we are focusing on value, then it is can represent money well spent.

This is simply one of the best prams to push with great maneuverability, control and flexibility.

The handlebar is the ultimate in adjustability. The pram can be transformed from forward to rear facing, and there is an adjustable handlebar has a brake control. The seat reclines fully flat making it suitable for newborns and features a hand fold.

It’s also super stylish with a modern take on a traditional design, and with several bold colours to choose from.

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Baby Jogger City Mini GT Review

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT has become one of the top-rated prams in Australia. Why? Because it’s a fabulous allrounder and the best budget pram!

It’s lightweight, easy to push and steer with a huge canopy to protect from the sun and a super easy and compact, one-handed fold. In combination with its durability, this makes it the perfect pram for everyday use.

The padded seat is comfortable with a 5 point harness and child’s cup holder and there’s also a good amount of storage underneath. The pram can also be converted into a travel system offering ultimate flexibility.

There’s also some extra accessories you can buy to make up for some of its shortcomings which means there’s a lot to love about this pram!

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Thule Urban Glide Review

One pram that consistently ranks well in pram reviews is the Thule Urban Glide. It’s a fantastic pram for jogging that not only is easy to use, but it looks great!

The huge 3 point wheels can be locked in both the front (for jogging) and in the rear for added stability on rough terrain. This makes it the perfect allrounder for parents that need a little flexibility.

The pram folds really well with one hand and is pretty lightweight and the best compact pram once folded.

The handlebars can be changed in position making the pram comfortable for parents of all heights.

The child seat is great. The recline is near flat (although not fully) with a moveable canopy and peekaboo window and two child’s pockets for storage and bottles, but unfortunately there’s no parents cup holders.

This is a great purchase for active parents looking for a flexibility.

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Baby Jogger Summit X3 Pram Review

For parents with a more active lifestyle, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Pram is ideal for jogging with your baby when they reach a suitable size.

The swivel wheels can be locked into place from the handlebar erasing the need to bend down. This is super convenient and helps the pram score big points for its ease of use. The handlebar also features a handbrake for great control.

The pram offers what you would expect from a top-rated pram – its highly versatile and can be converted to a double with the additional purchase of a third seat.

The all-terrain wheels make it super easy to push on all surfaces, and the wheels easily pop off so that the pram can be folded more compactly. There’s also a quick and easy one-handed fold.

Unfortunately, it does lack a parents cup holder, but there is a child’s cup holder which is roomy enough for parents to use too. Alternatively, you can also purchase a parents organiser separately. The handlebar also isn’t adjustable.

The pram features a huge canopy with a peekaboo window for visibility. Although you can replace the seat with an infant car seat, the canopy can’t use the canopy at the same time

The seat offers multiple levels of recline to a nearly flat position and a huge weight limit of 34kg.

While it is a bit heavier and wider base, it is definitely a strong and sturdy option.

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Best Travel Stroller

Having a dedicated travel stroller is awesome for when you travel (and works well for home too). As people who travel frequently and have a tiny boot in our car, having the best stroller for travel has been essential.

Mountain Buggy Nano Review

one of my all time top 10 prams

The Mountain Buggy Nano is the pram for travel – it’s lightweight and even includes a travel carry bag. The bag is great as it minimises the stress of worrying something will happen to the pram.

The best part of this pram is the fold. It folds super compactly and tight and it’s easy to carry it over your shoulder.

Another big pro of this pram is the weight. It’s very lightweight which makes it easy to take along with you over the shoulder in addition to everything else.

The seat can hold up to 20kg which is great for a small pram and even fit our tall four-year-old while sitting. A nice sized canopy with decent recline – definitely enough for your child to sleep, but not enough for a newborn. It is a two hand fold which makes it tricky navigating on your own – you have to put things down to fold it properly.

Smaller wheels which can make it tricky on rough surfaces, but rear suspension guarantees a super smooth one!

However, it is super convenient pram.

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Top Double Pram Reviews

Below you’ll find reviews of the top rated double prams for sale in Australia. If you are looking for double prams in the US, this article will help you out.

Mountain Buggy Duet V3 Buggy Review

Said to be the most compact and even the best twin pram on the market, the sleek Mountain Buggy Duet V3 definitely has some advantages as one of the best cheap double prams.

The pram is everything great about a double at the same width as a single! There is a single large handlebar In the centre, with two independent canopies overhead.

There are some great features including independent reclining seats, so the pram can be used for newborns and a compact one hand fold – an ideal feature when your hands are full!

The handlebar type brake is super convenient and the pram definitely leaves you feeling In control. Although weight limit isn’t huge at 18kgs maximum per seat, it’s super adaptable and able to be used with different accessories.

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Maclaren T-01 Twin Pram Review

The Maclaren T-01 Twin Pram is the perfect combination of a newborn and double pram. The best thing about this pram is that both of the seats fully recline which means it’s suitable for newborns and could potentially be used until your children outgrow their pram.

It also gives parents flexible so that they can use their existing pram if they plan to have another child.

The pram has two independent SPF 50 canopies and a foot brake operated parking brake which works to stop all wheels in tandem when applied, reducing strain.

An under basket is positioned on the base which is an ok size.

The other great thing about the pram is that it can fit through a standard door – a definite plus for a double pram!

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Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Pram Review

Finding a double pram that fits through normal doorways with good maneuverability is tough enough, let alone finding a lightweight double pram. But the Baby Jogger City Mini GT double is exactly this.

The pram offers everything great about the City Mini GT single with side by side seats in a double design.

The one handed fold is such a convenient feature for a double pram, especially when you have your hands full. The swivel wheels are great for tackling difficult corners and they do work to make the pram feel less cumbersome than other doubles.

The seats have both independent recline and canopies and can lay nearly flat. You can also replace the seat with an approved car seat with the purchase of an adapter, but unfortunately, only one seat can be used at a time.

One thing you are missing out on is a drinks tray. You can purchase this in addition but it does not come as standard. Also, the handlebar isn’t height adjustable and while most parents have not found this to be an issue, parents on the extremes ends of height may struggle. The basket can also be a bit trickier to access.

This is a simple pram and you trade extras for lightweight but strong and sturdy budget friendly pram.

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What’s your pick for the top pram of 2019?

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