My Tips for Homeschooling and Juggling Working from Home

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So like many families across the world, over the last two months, I’ve had to juggle both working from home and homeschooling.  Having three children at home – two school aged and attempting to work from home has not been easy.  In fact, at times it has been near impossible!

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you some of the things that have helped to make it somewhat easier – and I do say somewhat easier – because I can assure you – nothing about the last few months have been easy!

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Be Organised

This probably goes without saying, but the thing I’ve found to be the most important with juggling school work and working from home is organisation.  

If your school has sent work in advance, go over it and print out whatever you need to in advance.

For older children, teach them to use the printer, how to check emails, whatever it is they need to do so they can work independently.  This is actually a great opportunity to improve their computer skills.

Be Realistic

Let’s be realistic; you’re probably not going to be able to achieve everything you usually can when the kids aren’t around.  Go over your to do list and see what can wait until later.  

Even for your kids’ schoolwork, if they need a lot of help from you and you have some important deadlines to meet – email the teacher and let them know that the work just won’t get completed in the required timeframe.

Take the Kids for a Walk

If you can, take the kids for a walk each morning.  Get them burning off some energy before you start the day.  This is also a nice way for you all to spend some quality time together which doesn’t involve schoolwork.

Arrange Online Play Dates

Even though your kids can’t actually go to their friend’s place for a play date – organise for them to play with a friend via one of the many different online apps such as FaceTime, Messenger, Zoom or House Party.

Older kids might just enjoy chatting with their friends, whereas younger kids can play lego together, do arts and crafts together or play with other toys.


If there is anything you usually do that can be outsourced, do it!  Whether that is the gardening, housecleaning, or even getting your shopping delivered to the house.  Wherever you can save time, get someone else to give you a hand.

Use Online Tools

I am using so many more online tools than usual from many more reminders on my phone to apps to help the kids with their schooling. There are so many educational tools out there that can make the homeschooling so much easier. Many have free trials so you can give them a go and see if they help your kids too.

Some ones we have been using are Matheletics (for maths work), Duolingo (to help the kids with their Italian study) and Spelling City (for spelling – it stopped them complaining about learning lists of words – more here).

We also did some online code camp workshops which was lots of fun.

Make the Most of the Facebook Lives

There are so many businesses out there offering some wonderful resources completely free of charge.  Museums are offering online workshops, zoos are doing online feeding and educational talks and even celebrities are reading stories.

Whatever it is your child is interested in, there is no doubt something online for them to engage in for free.

Talk to your Friends

Make sure you take care of yourself also and talk to your friends for support.  No doubt you have other friends who are going through the same thing you are and so having a chat and sharing experiences and learnings with each other can be very beneficial.

Of course there are people across the world that are really suffering, but that doesn’t mean that your own struggles and feelings aren’t real.

Just like the kids having their online play dates, make sure you have online catch ups with your friends.

And there is always wine!

And yep at the end of the day – there is always wine!  Or whatever it is that you really enjoy.  And you know what – you deserve it.  So enjoy that glass – cheers!

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By Jasmine Jones

Melbourne based, mother of three who loves researching the perfect things for her home and sharing it with you here.