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I recently found a site for getting such great flight deals that I had to share it with you – I Know The Pilot.

I first heard about this site through friends who told me it had the best flight deals from Australia – they weren’t wrong.

As someone who travels every school holidays, I am always looking out for great flight deals. Previously, this has meant signing up to a ton of airline newsletters. Thankfully, I Know The Pilot has simplified this for me as they send a daily newsletter with everything compiled.

I’m constantly surprised by how cheap their deals are.

Want to fly to Europe for less than $900? Done!

North America for less than $900? Done.

i know the pilot reviews

I Know The Pilot Review

The following is a small snippet from the I Know The Pilot cheap flights newsletter from earlier this week. The same newsletter also had Amsterdam for $844, cheap domestic, Japan and Singapore flights.

i know the pilot thailand

I have seen forum posts online where people ask if I Know The Pilot is a scam.

  1. It certainly is not. I have used it personally and know many other people who do
  2. It is a list of flight deals – you don’t actually book on this site. They direct you to other sites where you can book (all those sites are legitimate too of course). So it’s not actually possible for them to scam you.

I booked my upcoming flights to the US through one of their deals and I could not be happier. I’m now looking out for flights to New York next May. I know they will come up sooner or later. I love the I Know The Pilot Melbourne deals and they look just as good from everywhere else.

In the meantime, I highly recommend that if you are thinking about flying anywhere at all that you sign up to their newsletter. Half a million other Australians already are!

They are constantly updating their site every day with new I Know The Pilot airfares and it’s much easier to get everything in an easy to read newsletter which you can scan quickly for the destinations that interest you. Following the Facebook page is also useful.

There is also I Know The Pilot New Zealand for any Kiwis reading this. You can find it here. As well as a US version here.

So next time you want a great flight deal, make sure you check I Know The Pilot Australia first.

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Do you use I Know The Pilot? What are your I Know The Pilot website reviews?

By Jasmine Jones

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