Complete Guide To The Best Vacuum Sealer 2019 Australia

Having the best vacuum sealer machine in the kitchen is a great way to prepare healthy and fresh meals in advance and store them away for later.

This is perfect if you have a busy family, like to purchase your meat and veg in bulk or prefer to get all your meal prep done early.

However, if you haven’t owned a vacuum packaging machine before it can be daunting as to which is the best food vacuum sealer to buy.

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In these vacuum sealer reviews, I’m going to take you through the different types of food sealer machine options and help you understand the factors you need to consider before purchasing one.

I’ll then take you through various food vacuum sealer reviews and look at some options for the best chamber vacuum sealer, handheld vacuum sealer, commercial food vacuum sealer and the best vacuum sealer for home use overall.

Best Vacuum Sealers Australia Comparison Chart

FoodSaver® Urban Series: Cut & Seal Vacuum SealerExternal4.5Check
Russell Hobbs Seal Fresh Vacuum SealerExternal4.0Check
Ziploc Vacuum Sealer V203External4.0Check
Sous Vide Supreme Vs3000 Vacuum SealerExternal3.5Check
Westinghouse Vacuum SealerExternal4.0Check
BioChef Vacuum Sealer ProExternal4.0Check
Luvele Supreme Vacuum SealerExternal4.5Check
Finether Vacuum SealerExternal4.0Check
Apuro Light Duty Chamber Vacuum SealerChamber3.5Check
Nesco VS-09HH Hand Held Vacuum SealerHand Held4.5Check

Top 10 Vacuum Sealers 2019

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  • FoodSaver® Urban Series: Cut & Seal Vacuum Sealer, External
  • Russell Hobbs Seal Fresh Vacuum Sealer, External
  • Ziploc Vacuum Sealer V203, External
  • Sous Vide Supreme Vs3000 Vacuum Sealer, External
  • Westinghouse Vacuum Sealer, External
  • BioChef Vacuum Sealer Pro, External
  • Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer, External
  • Finether Vacuum Sealer, External
  • Apuro Light Duty Chamber Vacuum Sealer, Chamber
  • Nesco VS-09HH Hand Held Vacuum Sealer, Handheld

What Is A Vacuum Sealer Machine?

A vacuum sealer machine is an appliance used to remove air from packaging and then seal the contents inside. There are many great vacuum sealer uses from preserving food to keeping clothes well protected.

The best reason to purchase a food vacuum machine is that it extends the shelf life of food. As opposed to simply putting your food in plastic wrap or containers, a vacuum food sealer machine will remove most of the oxygen from around the food which helps slow the deterioration process caused by bacterial growth. Most vacuum sealer machines will increase the life of your food by five times.

Vacuum packaging is ideal for meat, vegetables, soups basically anything that you’d usually store in the fridge or freezer. So if you like to buy food in bulk or prepare food in large batches a home vacuum sealer machine is perfect for you. You can use vacuums sealer machines for Sous Vide (a style of cooking where you boil food in packaging in a pot).

You can also use a vacuum sealer for clothes. This is great if space is an issue and you want to pack your clothes away between seasons or even to save space when travelling.

Choosing The Best Vacuum Sealer


Handheld Vacuum Sealer

A hand held food vacuum sealer works in conjunction with specialty designed zip lock bags. These compact sealers remove air through a valve but don’t perform anywhere near as well as external vacuum sealers or chamber vacuum sealers. The seals are often too weak and the seal can easily be broken.

However on the plus side, they are super compact and take up barely any space at all. You can easily pop your mini vacuum sealer in your kitchen drawer when done.

External Vacuum Sealer

The most common type of food sealer for domestic use is an external vacuum sealer. You simply place the opening of the storage bag inside a narrow chamber over a seal bar and shut the lid of the machine. The machine then suctions the air out of the storage bag and then the seal bar melts the plastic bag shut to seal the contents inside.

You are required to use especially designed bags that aid in the air being suctioned out during the vacuuming process.

It’s important to note that food needs to be frozen prior to using an external vacuum sealer to avoid food being sucked into the vacuum sealer.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Many say the very best vacuum sealers are the chamber vacuum sealers, particularly if you’re wanting a commercial food vacuum sealer. Chamber vacuum sealers work somewhat similar to external vacuum sealers. However, you place the entire bag inside the machine with the opening of the bag placed across the seal bar and close the lid.

Like the external vacuum sealer, the machine then sucks the air out of the bag and finally melts the plastic bag shut sealing the contents inside.

Whilst these type of vacuum sealers are far more expensive than the other types listed, they are capable of more functions such as sealing mason jars shut without the need for special accessories. Another advantage of chamber vacuum sealers is food doesn’t need to be frozen first and they are far more powerful than the external vacuum sealers as well as much quieter.


Given the purpose of using a vacuum sealer is to keep the contents fresh for long periods of time, a machine that is powerful enough to suck out all the air is really the most important factor to consider. Vacuum strength is usually measured in inches of mercury (inHg), with 15-25 being suitable for domestic use. A higher wattage motor also indicates a more powerful machine.


It’s likely that you will be sealing a range of different foods and therefore need a vacuum sealer capable of being able to seal a range of different bag sizes. This factor becomes more important if you are wanting to purchase a chamber vacuum sealer given the item you are wanting to seal needs to go entirely inside the machine.

Also consider how much space you have in the kitchen. Some of these machines can be rather large as well as heavy and will need a permanent spot in the kitchen. If you don’t plan on using your machine that often, I’d recommend a more portable vacuum sealer.

Other Things To Consider

Accessories/Attachments. Depending on what type of items you want to seal, you may want to get a food vacuum sealer that allows you to use different accessories/attachments (this is really only applicable for an external vacuum sealer). Different attachment accessories you can buy include jar sealer attachments, marinating canisters and bottle stoppers.

Noise Level. External vacuum sealers can be rather loud, similar to the noise a domestic vacuum cleaner makes. Whereas a chamber vacuum sealer is far quieter. Depending on how often you plan on using your machine, this may or may not be an issue for you. If noise is an issue, be sure to read customer reviews to gauge what others are saying about the noise level.

Controls. The best food vacuum sealers have a manual and / or pulse button as this allows you to slowly suck the air out of the bag and stop the machine before it crushes the food inside. Other controls to look for include a cancel button (to stop the process mid cycle), pressure control (to adjust when sealing for delicate items) and moist/dry (to adjust depending on the contents you’re sealing).

Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews Australia 2019

1. FoodSaver® Urban Series: Cut & Seal Vacuum Sealer Review

The FoodSaver Urban Series is a 2 in 1 Sunbeam vacuum sealer that can vacuum seal food using traditional plastic rolls as well as in containers.

This Foodsaver vacuum sealer ensures a commercial quality seal to ensure food stays fresh five times longer. As per the various Foodsaver reviews, this machine is easy to use with it’s one touch operation and the onboard roll and cutter, no need for scissors.

Included with this Food Saver machine is a 28cm roll of plastic, 5 pre-cut bags and an accessory hose to use with Foodsaver containers. It also has a process indicator light so you’ll know exactly where it’s at during the process as well as a removable, dishwasher safe drip tray.

This vacuum machine for food packaging is reasonably lightweight, and with its sleek and compact design, it’s easy to store away when not in use.

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2. Russell Hobbs Seal Fresh Vacuum Sealer Review

You can use this Russell Hobbs vacuum sealer to store and preserve a range of food items such as meats, cheese, vegetables, baked goods, even tea and coffee.

With a 120 watts motor, this food bag sealer is powerful enough to provide a good level of suction to lock in the freshness of your items.  It has a simple to use touch pad with functions such as the automatic vacuum and seal function, pulse function, a turbo switch for stronger suction as well as the ability to make adjustments when sealing dry or moist food.

Included with this kitchen vacuum sealer is 2 x 28 cm plastic rolls, 5 x 20 cm bags and 5 x 28 cm bags.  It also comes with a canister port, with canisters and additional rolls available to purchase separately.

With it’s low price tag, this is a great vacuum bag sealer machine for those new to vacuum packaging, and given its lightweight and slim design, it’s easy to pack away after use in the kitchen cupboard.

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3. Ziploc Vacuum Sealer V203 Review



Everyone’s heard of the famous ‘Ziploc Bags’, but what about the Ziploc vacuum sealer? The Ziploc Vacuum Sealer V203 is a compact but effective vacuum sealer developed by one of the most trusted names in food storage.

The V203 will preserve food for up to five times longer and it’s an incredibly easy to use machine.  Its touch pad only contains a total of three buttons! For those of you that are a complete beginner to vacuum sealers, this could be the best food sealer for you.

The manufacturers of this machine claim that it can store just about anything for you, ranging from yarn and maps to cosmetics and business cards. The V203 also features an accessory port which is great for short-term storage and marinating meats in Ziploc Brand Canisters, so it’s great if you’re after a meat vacuum sealer.

With the simple unlock-and-lock functionality of the Ziploc Vacuum Sealer V203, this is an excellent vacuum sealer for sale, perfect for beginners.

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4. Sous Vide Supreme Vs3000 Vacuum Sealer Review

The Sous Vide Supreme VS3000 does exactly what its name says, it is a vacuum sealer designed specifically for the sous vide style of cooking, however it also works for everyday vacuuming sealing needs.

This sous vide vacuum sealer features easy-to-use touch-top activation. You simply push down to start sealing your item. This best vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking also features a user-friendly control panel with different settings that can be customised to suit various food types such as dry or moist, normal or gentle.

This is yet another compact vacuum sealer and won’t take up much space on your counter or you can easily store it away in the pantry when not in use.  Other features of this easy-to-clean sealer include a detachable power cord, quick-start user’s guide and 12 pouches to get you started with vacuum sealing.

The Sous Vide Supreme VS3000 Vacuum Sealer is a state of the art option for all of your vacuum sealing needs, and a great choice if you’re looking for a vacuum sealer for cooking sous vide.

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5. Westinghouse Vacuum Sealer Review

With the Westinghouse Vacuum Sealer you don’t need to worry about freezer burn, food going bad or just general food waste.  Like most vacuum food sealers, this sealer will keep your food fresher for up to five times longer!

With only three buttons on its primary control panel, this vacuum sealer is an excellent choice for any beginner to vacuum sealing.  With simple stop-and-start functionality, and an extra-wide sealing bar, the Westinghouse Vacuum Sealer is designed for quick and easy use in the kitchen. The self-locking lid ensures seamless use, no matter how experienced you are.

This is one of the more budget options in our guide, so perfect if you’re after a cheap vacuum sealer, but nevertheless still a great option for beginners wanting to get into vacuum sealing food.

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6. BioChef Vacuum Sealer Pro Review

Whilst certainly more intimidating in looks than the other vacuum sealers in this guide, the BioChef Pro is perfect for those wanting more functionality in their machine, or wanting to move on to a more advanced model.

Whilst the BioChef Vacuum Sealer Pro features simple touch controls, it includes a large range of adjustable settings such as gentle, dry, moist and marinate modes. It also boasts a powerful 120w motor for a professional quality seal with other handy features including a built-in cutting mechanism which cuts the bags once the sealing process is complete, built-in bag storage, and a built in drip try to catch all the little drops of moisture from moist food; keeping your kitchen clean.

Included with the BioChef Pro are several washable and reusable sealing bags, along with a hose accessory to clean your bags of moisture before storing them.

Although certainly a more bulky option, the BioChef Vacuum Sealer Pro is a marvel in its functionality. No matter what you’re looking to seal, the BioChef Pro will have you covered.

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7. Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer Review

Another ‘premium’ option in these reviews is the Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer. The Luvele Supreme is a new, professionalised version of the original Luvele Vacuum Sealer which comes with various new features to make it stand out against the competition.

The Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer has two specialised buttons, one titled ‘FOOD’, which helps you pick the most suitable seal time for the type of food / item that you are sealing. The second button is ‘PRESSURE’, which helps pick the appropriate pressure setting for the item you plan to seal.

The Luvele Supreme also comes with a grand total of 20 metres in reusable bag rolls (2 x 5 m 22cm bag rolls and 2 x 5 m 28cm bag rolls), which are perfect for sealing food and household items of different shapes and sizes as well as being ideal for sous vide cooking. It also comes with a 1 year warranty.

Certainly one of the more premium options, the Luvele Supreme definitely lives up to its name as a supreme vacuum sealer. The specialised options make it perfect for vacuum sealing a range of food and household items; an excellent choice for those that want a top quality vacuum sealer.

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8. Finether Vacuum Sealer Review

The Finether Vacuum Sealer is another simple to use, budget model and a great choice for those looking for a beginner vacuum sealer.

The Finether features three primary buttons on its control panel, ‘Seal’ or ‘Vacuum & Seal’ function, and there’s also a ‘Cancel’ button to cancel the sealing process; which is perfect for items that you may want to take a little more care with such as baked goods. The 2 LED indicator lights make it easy to see what stage the machine is at with a red light for sealing and a green light for vacuuming.

The Finether also has a removable and washable bin allowing for reduced clean-up time after use. Other features of this machine include a large 30 cm wide sealing bar, a built in bag cutter, anti skid feet, a cord storage compartment as well as coming with a roll of 3 x 0.28 m sealable bags.

The Finether Vacuum Sealer is an easy-to-use option for beginners to the world of vacuum sealing. An excellent choice as a gift for family or friend, or just a great purchase for someone wanting to start vacuum sealing.

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9. Apuro Light Duty Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

The Apuro Light Duty Chamber Vacuum Sealer is the only chamber sealer in our reviews. This is definitely a more expensive option, but it is jammed packed with added features making it a good choice if you’re after a commercial grade vacuum sealer.

Ideal for fast, commercial vacuum sealing, the Apuro Light Duty features easy-to-use controls and a LED light display that makes this giant of a vacuum sealer incredibly simple to use. With easily adjustable sealing and vacuuming options, this industrial vacuum sealer always gives a precise seal. With a 350w motor, this is also the most powerful vacuum sealer in this guide.

With a stainless steel chamber and a viewing window, your vacuum sealer will remain clean as it works to keep your food fresh for up to six times longer! With built in vacuum bag storage compartments, and a provided bag cutter, the Apuro Light Duty is an excellent choice for both convenience and functionality.

The Apuro Light Duty Chamber Vacuum Sealer is definitely a big investment and so better suited to those who regularly vacuum seal food in the kitchen or do so on a commercial basis.

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10. Nesco VS-09HH Hand Held Vacuum Sealer Review

The only handheld vacuum sealer in our guide, the Nesco VS-09HH Handheld Vacuum Sealer is an excellent choice for those of you that are looking for a more space efficient vacuum sealer. Great for transportability, the Nesco Handheld is small and compact, making it ideal for taking with you on trips.

The Nesco Handheld has a high capacity, rechargeable battery that can seal up to 50 bags in one charge. A charger and stand are included for convenient use and easy storage. A heavy duty motor and piston pump ensures that the VS-09HH will always give a secure seal.

With an ergonomic design, this handheld vacuum sealer is easy-to-use and comfortable in the hand. This machine also comes with 4 reusable bags for you to start with while you get the hang of the sealer.

The Nesco VS-09HH Handheld Vacuum Sealer is simple but effective and perfect for those people who love vacuum sealing their food but when kitchen space is an issue.

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