Ultimate Guide to the Best Kids Bike 2021 In Australia

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Like getting your first car, the first bike is an important milestone for any child. It’s not only great for their ability, but also their confidence.

I remember how proud my eldest child was when she finally began to ride her bike without the assistance of training wheels. I bought it from her wish list her birthday – and along with my husband’s chef knife, I made two wins that year!

With where we live in inner city Melbourne it also feels like a necessity! Bikes are everywhere – along with great bike tracks – and many kids ride them to school.

It all began by choosing the right bike. This was more difficult than we had anticipated – our daughter was outside of all the ‘normal’ percentiles and there wasn’t a piece of advice that said here’s the best bike for your child.

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We did eventually find a bike suitable for her and learned a lot along the way that has helped shape our choices for our two youngest children. There are actually many things to consider when looking for a top-rated kids bike – and age suggestions aren’t always enough.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through what to look for in good bikes for kids to help you find the perfect bike for your child – whether you’re looking for the best first bike Australia has to offer or the best youth mountain bikes. We also include balance bike reviews Australia as well as other types of kids bikes reviews!

Compare Best Kids Bikes 2021 Australia

Want to know which kids bike you should get or which the best value kids bikes are? Compare the features of best kids bikes Australia offers in the chart below and read reviews of kids bikes further down.

Clicking on any of the product names will take you to Amazon or eBay so you can see the latest price and buy if you wish.

NameTypeAge RangeWeightPriceFeaturesOur Rating (/5)
Royal Baby Space Shuttle Magnesium Kids BikeRoad4-6 years10.4kgHereGreat brakes, wide tyres, 95% preassembled4.5
HASA Kids Mountain Bike ShimanoMountain7-9 years16kgHereGreat safety profile, excellent for off track4.0
Kids’ Bikes Motocross Style ReviewRoad3-8 yearsHereTrendy aesthetic, awesome smart box4.0
Royalbaby RB18B-6B BMX Freestyle Kids BikeBalance/Road5-7 years11.3kgHereDurable, sturdy, variety of colours/sizes4.5
Eurotrike 2 -in -1 Zipp Balance & Pedal BikeRoad3-5 years9kgHere2 in 1 design, adjustable handlebar/seat4.0
Children’s Bicycle Mountain Bike 18″Mountain8-12 years14kgHereAll purpose tyres, 3 speed, multiple brakes4.0
Kids Bike Magnesium AlloyRoad2-4 years8.5kgHereStrong frame, easily adjustable, double brakes4.5
Royalbaby Cube Tube Kids Bike 14″Road3-5 years10.4kgHere95% preassembled, very responsive brakes4.0
Boldcube Baby Balance BikeBalanceUp to 20kg2kgHereGreat for learning, strong carbon frame4.0
Kids Child Push Balance Bike 12″Balance2-6 years2.7kgHereGreat aesthetic, strong steel frame4.5
Zoomy Kids Aluminium Balance BikeBalance1.5-5 years2.3kgHereSuper lightweight, range of colours4.0

Top 11 Kids Bikes 2021

Handy reference list – see all kids bike reviews below!

  • Royal Baby Space Shuttle Kids Bike, 4-6 yrs old
  • HASA Kids Mountain Bike Shimano, 7-9 yrs old
  • Kids’ Bikes Motocross Style, 3-8 yrs old
  • Royalbaby RB18B-6B, 3-8 yrs old
  • Eurotrike 2-in-1 Zipp, 3-5 yrs old
  • Children’s Bicycle Mountain Bike 18″, 8-12 yrs old
  • Kids Bike Magnesium Alloy, 2-4 yrs old
  • Royalbaby Cube Tube Kids Bike, 3-5 yrs old
  • Baby Balance Bike, Up to 20 kgs
  • Kids Child Push Balance Bike 12″, 2-6 yrs old
  • Zoomy Kids Aluminium Balance Bike, 1.5-6 yrs old

How To Find The Best Kids Bike Australia 2021

Bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and so do children, so it’s important to ensure that you buy the right size bike for your child. Whilst some people buy a bike that their child will “grow into” this can be dangerous as it means the bike will initially be the wrong size. Here are some of the different sizing elements to be aware of when searching for the best bikes for kids Australia has to offer. 

Dimensions of the bike

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when purchasing the best kids bike for your child is the bike’s size.  Whilst the overall size of the bike is important, you should also consider other dimensions such as the size of the tyres, seat height as well as handlebar and pedal positioning to get the perfect fit for your child.

If these factors are not taken into consideration the bike could potentially be a danger to the child.

Tyre Dimensions

The most common way of determining a kids bike is by the diameter of the tyre.  Generally, kids bike wheel sizes come in the following tyre sizes:

  • 12”: 18 months to 4 years old;
  • 14”: 3 to 5 years old:
  • 16”: 4 to 6 years old;
  • 20”: 5-8 years old; and
  • 24”: 7 to 10 years old.

The above guide should not be used in isolation though as it is important to also consider the bike dimensions discussed below.

Scroll down to see lightweight kids bikes.

Seat Height

One of the best ways to determine if the size of a bike is right for your child is the seat height.  Given many brands don’t advertise their bikes seat height, this information can be tricky to come by and so often the best way is by having your child try it out in person.

Provided your child has mastered the bike’s brakes, the seat height should be around 2.5 to 3.75cm (1” to 1.5”) taller than the child’s inseam (the measurement of the inside of the child’s leg to their crotch).

For children that have not mastered the brakes or are not confident riders, then it is best that the seat height matches their inseam (the child is able to place their feet fully flat on the ground).

Standover Height

The standover height refers to the height required to stand over the top tube of the bike (the tube which connects the front of the bike to the back).  Your child should be able to comfortably stand over this with 3 to 5 cm (1.2″ to 2″) clearance.  This clearance protects the child from hurting themselves should they slip off the seat.

Too often you see little kids on these giant kid bikes, which is quite a serious hazard.


It’s important to ensure there is enough room between the handlebars and the seat to ensure the child’s knees don’t hit the handlebars when turning (this space is referred to as the cockpit).  The shape of the handlebars can also impact this space.  For example, large handlebars that sweep back as opposed to ones that stick straight out will impact this space.

It is also critical to check the height of the handlebars.  Too low or too high and this will put pressure on the child’s neck, shoulders and back.  The best handlebar height for a child is usually low to mid rise, so their hands are in line with their hip area.

Which is the best balance bike to buy?


The last dimension to consider is the positioning of the pedals, also referred to as the Q-factor.  The Q-factor is the distance between the inside edges of the two pedals.  If the pedals are too far apart the child will need to splay their legs out to pedal.  If the pedals are too close together the chance of the child hitting their ankles increases.

The Q-factor is particularly important for small or petite children.  These children would benefit from a bike with a narrow Q-factor.

Weight of the bike

The weight of the bike is very important.  No doubt at some stage your child is going to fall off their bike and given the bike may well fall on top of them, it’s important you look for a lightweight bike. It’s also important that a lightweight kids bike is light enough for the child to easily maneuver it around.

Ideally, the best first bike for your child should be no more than 40% of their weight. Often this is not always possible, particularly if your child is light as a feather – so just go for the bike that is close as possible to this weight guide.

The weight of the bike is going to depend largely on the size, the material it is made out of and the type of tyres.  You should be able to determine a bike’s weight fairly easily as all the best bike brands for kids display their bikes’ weight.


Australian standards require that a child’s bike must have at least two braking systems with one of those systems to be a back pedal brake (sometimes referred to as coaster brakes).  Usually, the other method will be handlebar brakes.

Whilst back pedal brakes are required by law, they can be problematic for younger children.  When young children learn to ride they often pedal both forwards and backwards.  Of course, back pedal brakes prevent this method of pedalling and often unexpected sudden stops cause children to lose their balance and at times fall off their bike.

Recently experts tend to prefer the handlebar brakes as the better option for children bikes.  Handlebar brakes don’t impact child’s pedalling.  However, there are still a few things you need to look out for.  It’s important to ensure the hand brakes are easy to activate by little hands.  A good test for this is to see if you can activate the brakes with just your pinky finger.

It is also worth noting whether the handlebar brakes stop just the front tyre or both tyres.  For handlebar brakes that only stop the front tyre when the brake is applied the rear tyre will lift off the ground causing the child to go flying across the handlebars.  Try and find a bike that the handlebar brakes stop both tyres.

What is a good bicycle for an 8 year old? Is it the best 24 inch kids mountain bike

Types Of Best Bikes For Kids

Balance Bikes

You have probably heard of a balance bike and wondering what they’re all about and if they are actually worth the hype.  Basically, a balance bike is a two-wheeled pedal-less bike designed to teach young children (as young as 18 months) how to balance on two wheels.

The beauty of balance bikes is that the child is putting all their efforts into balancing rather than pedalling, this provides them with the skill of balance so they can go straight to a regular child’s bike without the need for training wheels.

Unfortunately, bikes with training wheels teach children to pedal, but not to balance.  Therefore once the training wheels are removed from the bike the child needs to learn how to ride their bike all over again.

The best balance bike is recommended for children from the ages of 18 months to 5 years of age.  Generally, children progress to a typical child’s bike after 2 years of riding the balance bike. The best toddler bikes or best bike for 2 year old Australia tend to be balance bikes for all of these reasons.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are good all rounder bikes, designed for riding on the road, and are often some of the best childrens bikes.  These best kids bike brands have narrow tyres designed for riding on smooth surfaces and to go as fast and as far as possible out on the open road.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are designed to handle all kinds of terrain, particularly unpaved surfaces. The best youth mountain bike will have thicker more durable tyres in order to be able to go over small rocks, branches and logs and gears. Mountain bikes do tend to be a little on the heavier side but there are also lighter models if you’re looking for the lightest kids mountain bike. 

Below are some of my favourite options for good mountain bikes for kids.

BMX Bikes

BMX bikes for kids are ideal for older children who are confident riders and are into bike racing and / or tricks.  There are various types of BMX bikes depending upon the different purposes such as off-road racing, street racing and stunts.  Kids have always loved BMX bikes mainly due to their smaller sizes and quite frankly just because they are cool!

toddler bike Australia and toddler bikes Australia, with best 24 inch mountain bike Australia


Of course, you are always going to be limited by what you are able to spend when buying a bike.  However now that you know exactly what to look for in a bike, you will be able to prioritise what is important and purchase the best bike for your child within your budget.

Whilst the cheapest bike you find is generally not going to be the best bike for your child, similarly, the most expensive bike is unlikely to be the best bike either.

If budget is of a concern to you, you can always purchase a second-hand bike, or better still by the best bike you can for your child brand new with the mindset to resell it once your child outgrows it.

If you do plan to resell it, be sure to keep receipts, spare parts, reflectors, instructions etc to maximize the resale value.  Another tip is to buy the bike in a neutral colour so it can suit a boy or a girl.

8 Best Kids Bike Reviews 2021

Now that you know what it is you’re looking for, what are the best kid bikes? Which brands of kids bike is the best?

Below you’ll find top rated kids bikes below to find one suitable for your child’s needs.

Royal Baby Space Shuttle Magnesium Kids Bike Review

Rating: 4.5


  • Type: Road
  • Age Range: 4 – 6 years
  • Weight: 10.4kg

The Royal Baby Space Shuttle is one of the best 18 inch bike options around if you’re looking for a super light bike that your kid can even lift by themselves! 

This unisex bike is also available as a 14-16 inch wheel option with training wheels, or with kickstand for the 18 inch model. This bike features a unique hollow magnesium alloy frame which makes it easy to carry, but also stable enough for your kid to enjoy. The wider 2.4 inch tyres make for more stability as well as a smoother ride.

Other features of the bike include non-slip resin coated pedals, a full chain guard that prevents clothing becoming trapped, and front/rear disc brakes.

Another advantage to this bike is that its super easy to put together – it comes 95% assembled! Depending on which wheel size you go for, this bike gets great reviews for being easy to ride by boys and girls aged between 4-6 years old.


  • Super responsive brakes
  • Wide tyres provide more traction and stability
  • Comes 95% preassembled


  • Chains come a little too tensioned

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HASA Kids Mountain Bike Shimano 18 Speed 20″ Wheels Review

Rating: 4.0


  • Type: Mountain
  • Age Range: 7 – 9 years
  • Weight: 16kg

If you’re looking for the best 20 inch bike Australia has, then this HASA kids mountain bike is definitely worth a look. 

Featuring 18 derailleur gears, this is a great bike for adventurous kids aged between 7-9 and would be a good option for those who want to try out more different speeds off paved roads. The bike is feature heavy, with its industry-leading Shimano gear and suspension system, and has been designed with kids safety in mind too.

Be prepared to do a bit of assembly work, although the bike does arrive 85% assembled – or you could take it to your local bike shop for help if you’re not handy with assembling bikes. Another draw back is that the bike does not have disk brakes.

Overall, if you’re wondering what size bike for 7 year old Australia would be best for your adventurous kid, this HASA model is a great investment and undoubtedly one of the best kids mountain bikes Australia has.


  • Great safety profile
  • Excellent for getting off track


  • Heavy
  • Does not include disk brakes

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Kids’ Bikes Motocross Style Review

Rating: 4.0


  • Type: Road
  • Age Range: 3 – 8 years
  • Weight: –

With different wheel size options available in this bike, whether you’re looking for the best bike for 8 year old Australia has or something more suitable for a younger child, there’s bound to be a model to suit your needs among the Kids’ Bikes Student Bicycle options. 

Wheel sizes available are 12″, 14″, 16″ and 18″, meaning these bikes are suitable for 3-8 year olds. Designed as a single speed mountain bike, the bike comes with training wheels for smaller kids, along with rear disk braking system, wider footrests for more comfort and an anti-rust magnesium alloy frame.

Available in red or blue colours these bikes are perfect for girls or boys who need a sturdy bike for road use and training. There’s also a “smart box” equipped with lighting and display for milage, time, temperature and cycling speed for more fun!


  • Trendy motorcycle look
  • Awesome smart box with lighting, mileage indicator and more


  • Not great for off track use

>> Click here to check the price on eBay and to read more reviews.

Royalbaby RB18B-6B BMX Freestyle Kids Bike Review – Best Bike For 6 Year Old Australia


Royalbaby RB16B-6O BMX Freestyle Kids Bike, Boy's Bikes and Girl's Bikes with Training Wheels, Gifts for Children, 16 inch Wheels, Orange

Rating: 4.5


  • Type: Balance/Road
  • Age Range: 5-7 years
  • Weight: 11.3kg

The Royalbaby RB18B-6B BMX is a great sporty bike for the young rider who is looking to upgrade or who has grown out of their previous bike. It comes with training wheels, so perfect for kids that haven’t yet mastered riding without them.

Parents will love how quick and easy it is to assemble this bike, whilst the kids will love the range of bright colours available making it the perfect bike for both boys and girls looking for the best girls’ bike.

On this bike, you’ll find 2.4” knobby tyres, non-slip resin pedals with reflectors and a super easy quick release seat post.

Other features include BMX style handlebars, a bell, water bottle and training wheels

This Royalbaby bike is suitable for children aged 5 to 7 years of age as it comes in a variety of heights. It is a top choice for the best 14 inch bike Australia or best 16 inch bike Australia depending on what size you buy.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comes in a variety of colours and tyre sizes


  • Not the best dimensions for very tall/short kids

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Eurotrike 2 -in -1 Zipp Balance & Pedal Bike Review – Best Bike For 3 Year Old Australia 

Which is better for kids BMX or Mountain bike?

Rating: 4.0


  • Type: Road
  • Age Range: 3 – 5 years
  • Weight: 9kg

This is a great bike for parents who are wanting to try out a balance bike but still want the option of a traditional pedal bike.  Children can ride the Eurotrike 2 in 1 as a balance bike until they master the skills of balance and steering without pedals.  Once the child is ready to transition to a pedal bike, parents can simply add the pedal unit.

This bike is great for those on a tight budget as you are basically getting a balance bike and your child’s first pedal bike for the price of one bike.

Features include an adjustable handlebar with safety pads on crossbar and stem, adjustable padded seat with an integrated parents hand hold and 12” pump up tyres. There is also a strong steel frame and mini mag wheels.

It’s our pick for the best first bike for 3 year old thanks to this adjustability. It is perfect for first riders aged between 3 to 5 years of age with a maximum weight of 25 kgs.


  • Can be transformed into a pedal bike
  • Adjustable handlebar and seat


  • Very heavy for a child’s bike

>> Click here to check the price on Amazon and to read more reviews.

Children’s Bicycle Mountain Bike 18″ Review

Rating: 4.0


  • Type: Mountain
  • Age Range: 8 – 12 years
  • Weight: 14kg

This unisex mountain bike suitable for girls or boys who want to try their hands at different gears, without having too many to choose from (the bike is 3-speed).

Available in 18″, 20″ and 22″ sizes, this stylish red bike features non-slip and wear resistant pedals, an extra strong handlebar, and car-style chain cover. It’s made of carbon steel, making it lighter than many of the other kids mountain bike options around.

The 3 internal brakes are Shimano, and the all purpose tires are great for use either off-road or on paved roads. If you’re looking for an all purpose kids bike that delivers on quality and versatility, this is a great option, or if you’re looking for the best mountain bike for 12 year old boy Australia this would be a good model to consider as well! 


  • Strong all purpose tyres
  • Great for getting off track
  • 3 speed bike with multiple brakes


  • No training wheels included

>> Click here to check the price on eBay and to read more reviews.

Kids Bike Magnesium Alloy Review – Best Bike For 4 Year Old Australia

12/14/16 inches Kids' Bike, Children's Bicycle Lightweight Magnesium Alloy Retractable Frame Adjustable Seat Handle Height Rubber Pneumatic Tire Easy to Install Safety,Blue,12inches

Rating: 4.5


  • Type: Road
  • Age Range: 2 – 4 years
  • Weight: 8.5kg

This is a fantastic lightweight bike perfect for the beginner pedal bike rider and by far the coolest on our list. Everything on this bike has been designed with the smallest of riders in mind including grips, handlebars and easy to use brake levers.

These bikes are made with the highest quality components, as well as some of the safest kids bikes on the market. The kids will love the range of bright colours to choose from.

Features include front and rear specific hand breaks as well as double brakes, an easily adjustable seat and a frame made of high carbon steel.

The bike comes in both a 12 inch, 14 inch and 16 inch wheel size, with the 12 inch bike best suited to children from 2 to 4 years of age. An awesome bike indeed which is the best bike for 4 year old Australia offers.


  • Super strong, high carbon steel frame
  • Easily adjustable seat
  • Double brakes


  • Tyres don’t offer the best traction

>> Click here to check the price on Amazon and to read more reviews.

Royalbaby Cube Tube Kids Bike 14″ Review

Rating: 4.0


  • Type: Road
  • Age Range: 3 – 5 years
  • Weight: 10.4kg

The Royal Baby CubeTube kids bike is unisex and comes in both 14″ and 16″ sizes and is a great option for kids who are ready for a larger bike once they’ve outgrown their first bike with training wheels.

The 14″ does come with training wheels, whereas the 16″ does not (it does have a kickstand), making it perfect for kids taking the next step. This bike comes with plenty of great features such as the 2.4″ wheels for extra stability, quick release seat for easy height adjustments, and front and rear braking systems for safety.

There’s also a lot of attention to detail in these bikes which I love – such as short break levers that perfectly fit into a kids hand so that they can pull them comfortably. Pedals are anti-slip and there’s a full chain guard too. Best of all the bike comes 95% assembled meaning less work for parents!

Overall, if you’re looking for the best first pedal bike Australia without the training wheels, this model is a great option to look at. 


  • Comes 95% preassembled
  • Short grip, responsive brakes


  • No basket or drink holder

>> Click here to check the price on Amazon and to read more reviews.

Best Balance Bike Australia Reviews

Which is the best balance bike to buy? Read the balance bike reviews below to find out.

Boldcube Baby Balance Bike Review – Best Toddler Bike

best bikes for toddlers

Rating: 4.0


  • Type: Balance
  • Age Range: Up to 20 kgs
  • Weight: 2kg

If you’re still asking what is the best bike to buy a toddler, the Baby Balance Bike toddler bike is a nifty design with safety in mind.

This is a great kids cycle for learning to walk and the lightest kids bike for doing so. What’s more, the wheel is specially designed so as to avoid running over little feet. Kids bike reviews have frequently voted it favourably.

Another feature is that it has a strong carbon frame and environmentally friendly dust free body – another push in the direction of the best kids bikes Australia offers toddlers.

It’s a smaller option so a good choice if you are looking for a bike for 1 year old Australia.


  • Great for toddlers learning to walk
  • Strong carbon frame


  • Only suitable for the youngest kids
  • May grow out of it quickly

>> Click here to check the price on Amazon and to read more reviews.

Kids Child Push Balance Bike 12″ Review – Best Balance Bike For 2 Year Old Australia

best toddler bike Australia

Rating: 4.5


  • Type: Balance
  • Age Range: 2 – 6 years
  • Weight: 2.7kg

Regarding the question what is the best bike seat for a toddler, this particular bike is a great option and perhaps even the best bike for 3 year old Australian toddler.

Owing to this is a strong steel frame and an aesthetic similar to best kids bike Australia listings. The bike itself is only a 12 inch bicycle for kids.


  • Great bike aesthetic
  • Strong steel frame


  • Not super cheap

>> Click here to check the price on Amazon and to read more reviews.

Zoomy Kids Aluminium Balance Bike Review – Best Balance Bike Australia 2021

Zoomy Leisure Kids Aluminium Balance Bike. Super Light Weight. Suitable for Children from 18 Months to 5 Years - Pink

Rating: 4.0


  • Type: Balance
  • Age Range: 1.5 – 5 years
  • Weight: 2.3kg

Finally, we have another balance bike which answers the question, which one is the best balance bike for my toddlers.

The reason this bike is suitable for so many parents is the range of colours, so offering girls bikes and boys bikes, as well as the budget price point. In comparison to other good kids bikes it fairs well, albeit slightly more expensive.


  • Super lightweight
  • Range of colours available


  • Slightly pricey

>> Click here to check the price on Amazon and to read more reviews.

We hope you found your best bike for kids. Looking for more kids products? Check out our best kids headphones reviews and guide or find all of our buying guides here. You can also read our 9 year old boy gift guide here.

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