What Is The Best Air Purifier In Australia (What Is The Most Highly Recommended Air Purifier?)

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Short Answer: The most highly recommended air purifier you can buy in Australia is the Renpho Portable Air Purifier AP-068.

Renpho Portable Air Purifier AP-068.

When choosing an air purifier for your home, it’s just good sense to seek out the most highly recommended ones, and find out what it has to offer and whether it will meet your needs. 

This way, you may only have to read one article to choose your air purifier, rather than having to wade your way through articles with 10 product reviews and a buying guide that goes on forever.

Which is why I’ve put this article together for you reviewing the most highly recommended air purifier in Australia, the Renpho Portable Air Purifier AP-068, telling you everything you need to know to decide whether it’s right for you.

Coming Up

I will begin by walking you through all aspects of the gadget, including the brand, the dimensions and aesthetic, a close up look of the filters it has, the specs, the noise level, the customer ratings and reviews, and the value for money.

Then, I’ll run through a few alternatives, and summarise the pros and cons for you before wrapping up with my final verdict. 

And without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

The Brand

Renpho is a relatively new brand in the industry, having been established in 2016. That said however, I consider it to be a very good brand, and in 2019 it was named one of Amazon’s top 100 brands.

It’s a global company that exports its products to over a staggering 200 countries. They have millions of loyal customers, and are known for their innovation and known as a pioneer in health and wellness.

The Dimensions And Aesthetic

One of the best things about the Renpho Portable Air Purifier AP-068 is its compact size and unassuming design. 

It measures 15 cm in depth, 28 cm in width, and 29 cm in height, so it’s very small. And it’s also very lightweight, at just over 3 kg, so it’s something that you can simply pick up and take with you, room to room around the home.

It’s small and lightweight enough that you don’t have to keep it on the floor, and you can simply place it on top of a countertop, table, desk, whatever, if that would suit you better.

It’s available in two colour options, namely black and white. I think the black one looks very modern and may suit an office environment, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be the white one.

When this article was written, the black one was available at the same price as the white one.

The Filters


When it comes to air purifiers, the filters are the most important things to consider, since it’s the filters that will filter out all of the dust, germs and allergens from the room’s air.

Replacement filters for this model are readily available online, and you should be able to go for at least 6 months before you have to replace them.

The filter provides 3 stages of air purification. The first stage filters out all of the large particles, such as hair, lint, and pet dander. Then there’s a true HEPA filter that filters out all the airborne particles such as pollen and dust.

For those of you who don’t already know, HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air [filter]. 

And that’s not all – for the third and final stage of the filtration process, there’s a high efficiency activated carbon filter, which targets such things as pet smells, cooking smells, and even cigarette smoke.

The Specs

The Renpho Portable Air Purifier AP-068 has an ACH rating of 5X, which describes the speed at which it can purify the air. This means that it refreshes the air 5 times in the space of one hour in a 103 square foot room.

And it can also be used in rooms twice the size of that, at 206 square feet in size.

And to put that into perspective, it’s more than powerful enough for small and medium-sized rooms, but if you have large rooms to purify, then you may decide that you need a bigger, more powerful one.

There are 4 fan speeds to choose from, namely high, medium, low and sleep mode. The higher the speed you choose, the louder the air purifier will be. 

The Noise Level

This is one of the machine’s most stand out features. When you turn it to Sleep Mode, it runs at a mere 22 decibels, which is significantly less than conversation levels, which typically take place at 60 decibels.

At this level, you will barely notice it all, and it’s perfect for anyone who is working or studying, since the noise should not distract or disrupt them.

Additional Features

A particularly handy feature of this model is that it has an indicator light to let you know when it’s time to change the filter.

It also has a blue light night, which is perfect for providing a dim light for anyone who needs to see where they are going in the dark.

The Customer Ratings And Reviews

When this article was written, the Renpho Portable Air Purifier AP-068 was the most highly rated air purifier available on Amazon Australia, having received well over 4,800 individual customer ratings.

Three quarters of these ratings were full 5-star ratings, followed by 15% of the ratings being 4-star ones.

Customers also rated specific features, giving it a 5-star rating for ease of use, and 4-star rating for the sleep mode and the noise level.

It’s also had good reviews elsewhere on the net, where it is typically described as a good, reliable, compact air purifier, that’s also very good value for money. 

The Value For Money

It’s worth noting at this point that the Renpho Portable Air Purifier AP-068 has been awarded the title of Amazon’s Choice. Such a title is only given to products that are both of excellent quality and are also available at a good, and reasonable price.

Air purifiers can really vary in price. You can get some for as little as 30 Australian dollars, and at the other end of the spectrum, you can expect to pay as much as 600 Australian dollars.

Summary Of Pros And Cons


  • Excellent value for money
  • Removes particles, dust and allergens from the air
  • The most highly recommended air purifier in Australia
  • Extremely quiet when in Sleep mode
  • Small, lightweight and portable


  • It can be loud when on a high fan speed

Final Verdict

This is a great air purifier for anyone who has a small or medium size home, and is prepared to move a compact air purifier room to room as required.

Its star features are its Sleep Mode, which is really quiet, and it’s excellent value for money, given that it costs a fraction of the price of a larger machine.

It also has a handy night light you can use if you wish, and is THE most highly recommended air purifier in Australia in terms of the sheer volume of high customer ratings and reviews.

By Jasmine Jones

Melbourne based, mother of three who loves researching the perfect things for her home and sharing it with you here.