Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Air Fryer 2018

As my husband does most of the cooking at home, he’s always on a quest to cook faster and healthier. With three kids it can be hard enough to get food on the table, and although we like to cook fast, we don’t like to sacrifice taste.

In addition to the best slow cooker, one of the most used appliances in our home has quickly become our air fryer. It took us a while to find the best air fryer. All of the air fryer reviews we read seemed to be outdated, and as we have one of the top air fryers, and researched the top rated air fryers, we wanted to help out.

In this guide, you’ll find advice reviews of air fryers to help you find one for your home. We’ve included a range of air fryers, from cheap air fryers to the very best air fryer Australia offers.

Let’s get started!

a guide to 2018 air fryer reviews

2018 Best Air Fryers Comparison Chart

NameLitresWattsDigital Display (Y/N)RatingPrice
Philips Airfryer TurboStar3.41425N4.5Check
Tefal Fry Delight3.41450N4.0Check
Russell Hobbs 3.5L Purify3.51200N4.0Check
Philips Airfryer XL3.21500Y3.5Check
Kitchen Couture Easy to Use3.41400Y4.5Check
Healthy Choice 3 liter3400N4.0Check
Healthy Choice 10 liter101300N4.0Check
Philips Airfryer Daily3.41425N4.5Check
Chef Sifu Power 360°3.41500N3.5Check
3L Oil-Less31500N4.5Check

What Is An Air Fryer And How Do They Work?

We are all very conscious about our health these days, and we also know the dangers of consuming too much oil. Despite that, we don’t want to give up our crispy fries and the occasional fried food indulgence! This is where an air fryer comes in because it means you can still enjoy your fries, but with considerably less oil.

The best air fryer on the market will use around 80% less oil than a conventional fryer, using extremely hot air to cook the food. This hot air is circulated around the interior of the fryer by powerful fans, and creates crispy and well-cooked food, with less of a health risk.

Of course, there are major differences between brands and models, so it’s important to check out air fryer reviews, to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want from your product, for the price you can afford to pay.

The Benefits Of Using An Air Fryer

Obviously, from reading how an air fryer works, you will instantly be able to understand the major benefits, but these advantages are more than simply using less oil in your cooking. For instance, when you read the healthy choice air fryer review, you will see that aside from the health benefits, you will also see how quick these machines can be, and also how cost effective.

The main benefits however are:

Fast cooking time – The cooking method is via a fan, which works very much like a conventional fan oven. The major benefit, however, is that an air fryer does this much faster, and it also ensures that your food is extra crispy, without having an age for it to be delivered to your plate.

Healthier – We mentioned that air fryers use much less oil than regular fryers, but in some cases, e.g. when looking at the best air fryer Australia choice, you will use no oil at all. This means you aren’t upsetting your health in the slightest when you indulge in fried food.

Cook food from frozen – Air fryers allow you to cook food from frozen, so you don’t need to wait for anything to defrost. This means you also don’t have to think too much beforehand in terms of what to eat for dinner.

Less mess – Deep fat fryers are messy affairs, as you’re likely to get splashes of oil all over your work surface. This isn’t the case with an air fryer, as there is no oil or very little oil.

Ideal cooking temperature – You choose the temperature you want to cook your food at, as the fryer works just like a fan oven. This means you have more control over the whole process.

How To Find The Best Air Fryer

a guide to the best air fryer reviews 2018 offers

1. Litres

This is obviously about the cooking capacity of the fryer, so the larger the litre capacity, the more it can hold. A cheap air fryer is likely to hold much less than a more expensive one, but if you are only cooking for one or two people this might be sufficient for you. If you have a larger family, however, it’s important to think about litres carefully before making a purchase.

2. Watts

Power basically tells you how fast the food is going to cook, so the higher the wattage, the quicker the cooking process is going to be. This might not be the biggest concern to you, but if you have a busy lifestyle, you won’t want to be hanging around waiting for your food. The best air fryer on the market will have a high wattage, and therefore a quicker cooking time.

3. Additional Features

Check out air cooker reviews to find out if the product you’re considering buying has any major additional features to sway your decision. This could be a digital display, it could be accessories included in the purchase, such as tongs and grill pans, and it could be about the ability to adjust the temperature and cooking time.

The more additional pre-sets and features, the higher the price, but check out fry air cooker reviews to find out whether these features are pertinent to your needs, or just added extras you don’t really want.

What can you make?

An air fryer can pretty much make anything that a convection oven can, so long as it fits within it. There are certain types of foods that do better in air fryers than others, however. For example, certain types of potatoes.

Top 10 Air Fryer Reviews

So what’s the best air fryer on the market? Read the reviews below to find out.

Philips Airfryer TurboStar Black Review

Philips is an instantly recognisable big named brand, so you know you’re getting quality for money from the get-go. This particular air fryer comes with some impressive technology, which means that cooking your food is super quick and effective.

Hot air is swirled constantly throughout the basket, where your food is being cooked, which means that excess fat is drained away, giving you super healthy food at the end of the process. The other perk is that you don’t need to heat up the fryer before you cook, as it is ready to go as soon as you switch it on.

You only need to check out Philips air fryer review options to see how high quality this product is, and it also comes with several accessories, including an easy clean basket, and removable drawer, which is dishwasher safe.

As an alternative to this particular product, the Philips Airfryer TurboStar Digital is the next model up from this one, with a digital display to make your cooking process easier. Be sure to shop around for your Philips air fryer best price, as the only real downside to this product is that it is slightly higher in price, compared to some other similar models.

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Tefal Fry Delight 800g Air Fryer Review

Tefal is one of the best air fryer brand options because that instantly recognisable name gives you confidence in your purchase, and despite that name, this is one of the best price air fryer choices on our list.

The high wattage means that your food cooks quickly, and thanks to a heating element which is situated high in the fryer, airflow is optimised to give you super crunchy results. You can also grill, bake and roast in this product too, for extra flexibility and versatility.

You can customise your frying by temperature, up to 200 degrees C, and the machine is also very easy to use, despite the fact that it doesn’t have a digital display. This shouldn’t put you off, as you only need to check out the best air fryer review choices online to see that this product is very highly rated by previous users.

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Russell Hobbs 3.5L Purify Multi Air Fryer RHAF3000 Review

This is a very sleek-looking machine and one which will certainly look impressive in your kitchen! Of course, performance is more important, and that is where it really shines. If you’re asking ‘what is the best air fryer’, then this product has to be up there as one of the best air fryer 2017 choices, for sure.

The fryer differs in its cooking style as it uses a halogen element inside, so you don’t need to wait for the machine to warm up before using it, and according to the best air fryer consumer reports, that is something which has pleased many former users.

The large capacity and powerful wattage mean cooking time is relatively fast, however, this product does have a slightly lower wattage than some other machines, at 1200W, which could be something to look into.

For safety, there is a timer with an automatic shut off function and a drop down door with a viewing window, so you can keep an eye on your food. Overall, what this machine slightly lacks in wattage, it makes up for in extras.

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Philips Airfryer XL White Review

This Philips Viva air fryer review is certainly going to be a positive one, as this is a very high-quality option to go for, and is also one of the cheapest Philips air fryers around too.

This product is multi-functional, as you can fry, roast, bake, and grill your food inside it, and it comes with a free recipe book, to help give you some inspiration when you need it the most. The capacity is large, and there is a digital screen, to help you customise your cooking to your own needs. There is also a high wattage on this air fryer, so your food is sure to cook a little quicker.

If you have never used this type of product before, and you have a medium to large sized household, this is one of the best Philips air fryer options to go for, as it is high quality and very easy to use, thanks to the customisable digital display.

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Kitchen Couture Easy to Use Air Fryer Healthy Food Cook Recipe Capacity 3.4L Review

This is a lower priced air fryer, which means it is the best air fryer to buy if you’re on a budget. That doesn’t mean it lacks quality or extras, however, as it is a very high-quality product overall. The digital display helps you to keep track of your temperature settings, which go up to 200 degrees C, and there is a timer, which works up to 30 minutes.

The air circulation which works to cook your food in the fryer is very high speed in this product, which means your food is cooked faster, and the large litre capacity (3.4L) means that you can certainly cook for the whole family without having to keep doing frying batches, saving time overall.

When looking at digital air fryer reviews you will certainly see this product mentioned in very high esteem, and rightly so, as it is one of our air fryer reviews choice picks too.

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Healthy Choice 3 liter 1400 watts Black Electric Air Fryer Review

Healthy by name, healthy by nature! In terms of dry fryer reviews, this is a very low priced option, which is a major perk for anyone looking after the pennies a little. It also comes up trumps in the multifunctional air fryer reviews, as it is very adaptable; you can grill, bake, and fry in this single machine.

You can set your temperature anywhere up to 200 degrees C, and the timer goes up to half an hour, which gives you total control over your cooking. The 1400W power is also high, which means your food will be cooked considerably quicker than some lower wattage models.

When asking ‘what’s the best air fryer for those on a budget’, this model has to be up there, and despite the lack of included accessories, it doesn’t scrimp on performance and quality.

If however, you are looking for a machine with a wide range of accessories included in the purchase, you may need to look towards a higher priced model.

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Healthy Choice 10 liter 1300W Air fryer Review

This is another air fryer by the brand which is ideal for those on a budget, but the other perk of this particular fryer is that it has a huge capacity of 10 litres, so large families won’t have to sit around waiting for their food to be cooked in smaller batches! Whilst the litre capacity is higher, the power is slightly lower than some other machines.

At 1300W however, it is still a powerful option, and the large capacity will more than makeup for the very slightly slower cooking speed.

You only need to check out Healthy Choice 3L air fryer review online to see that this model and its smaller counterpart are very well received by those who opt to purchase them, and despite the lack of accessories included in the purchase, the performance is what seals the deal. This model doesn’t have a digital display, but for the price and high performance, that isn’t a major problem.

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Philips Airfryer Daily Review

Head online and read an air fryer taste review and you will instantly see the fresh and light difference between an air fryer and a regular deep fat fryer. This particular product always scores highly on taste, and the big named brand also gives confidence in your purchase.

The machine uses Rapid Air technology, which is dedicated to Philips brands, which means your food is cooked quickly and easily, whilst maintaining the crunch factor.

The only downside is that there isn’t a digital display, and you need to manually set and adjust the temperature control. This isn’t a major problem however and the machine is very easy to clean, which makes up for it. There is also the versatility side to think about, as you can grill, bake, and roast with this machine, as well as fry.

Previous users also regularly state that this air fryer doesn’t create that ‘fried’ smell that many other models do, which is a major perk in your household.

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Chef Sifu Power 360° Air Fryer XL 4QT Review

This is a very sleek looking machine, which will look seriously impressive in your kitchen! Obviously, performance is more important, however, and this fryer constantly wins plaudits as the best air fryer for chips.

The high litre capacity means you can feed your family without having to wait for too long, and as this is renowned as one of the best chip fryer options on the market, it is a must buy for those families who are chip monsters!

The price is also very competitive, which makes it a best buy air fryer for those who are looking to save a little cash, whilst also giving a high performance overall. Despite the large capacity of the machine, it isn’t too bulky and doesn’t take up too much space on your kitchen counter either. Previous users all state that the fryer is very easy to use.

The brand name might not be instantly recognisable, but don’t let that put you off, as there are several accessories included in your purchase, as well as a free cookbook for inspiration.

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3L Oil-Less Air Fryer Review

As the name would suggest this machine doesn’t use oil, and if it uses any, it is very little indeed. What does that mean? Super healthy cooking! This is one of the best airfryers around, despite its lack of all singing, all dancing extras, and the lesser known brand name.

When deciding which airfryer is best for your needs, you need to think about whether a big named brand is really that important to you, and if not, opt for something lesser in price, but still high in quality.

This particular fryer has a large 3 litre capacity, and a manual temperature and timer gauge, which gives you control over your cooking process. The high wattage also means that your food is cooked very fast indeed.

Power air fryer reviews all rate this product very highly, and its sleek and compact appearance will look impressive in your kitchen, without taking up too much space.

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