How To Grow A Garden Indoors

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We recently moved into our new city townhouse which comes complete with no garden! I love not having the hassle but also like some greenery around. Mel from Mel’s Garden has been kind enough to share some tips to get me started! You can read them below.

I love gardening and having lots of plants around, but when you live in a city you may not have the space, or the interest, to maintain a vegetable or ornamental garden.

An indoor container garden allows you to grow fresh flowers, vegetables, and herbs, even if you have don’t have the space. Growing plants indoors beautifies your interior space and purifies the air.

Almost any plant can be grown in an indoor container garden. Here are a few tips to get you started!

Sunny Location

A sunny location is key to an indoor plants’ survival, but you will need to know the exact type of sunlight each individual plant needs.

Some plants need direct sunlight, others will need indirect sunlight. However, most will need a sunny indoor location either in or near a window.

Soil and Water

Use a good quality potting soil mixture that contains compost. The compost will help keep the plants fed and prevent soil compaction so plant roots won’t be smothered or drowned.

More indoor plants die from being over-watered than being under-watered. Water when the top inch of soil is dry or when plant leaves begin to droop.

Planting or Re-potting

Start a new container by first placing a coffee filter over the bottom drainage hole to prevent potting soil from leaching out during watering.

Fill container to within one inch of the top rim with potting soil. Place seed or plant in the center of container and cover seed or plant roots with soil. More than one plant can be grown in a container if it’s large enough. Each plant will need 20-30 centimetres depth and width to allow for space for growth.

Plant Choices

Select dwarf or bush varieties of vegetables and fruits for an indoor container garden. These plants will still grow full size produce, just on compact plants that are well suited for container growth.

Bush tomatoes, carrots, radishes, onions, arugula, kale, and lettuce can easily be grown in an indoor container garden. Dwarf citrus trees produce full size fruits and are happy to grow indoors.

Containers of herbs are great for growing on a sunny kitchen windowsill and will provide you with fresh herbs year around. Basil, oregano, dill, ginger, and lemongrass love to sit on a east-facing windowsill.

Houseplants, both flowering and non-flowering, are ideal for use as room decor. Plant in a decorative container, place several throughout the house to add beauty and clean the air. Peace Lily, spider plant, Gerbera daisy, Boston fern and ficus trees will enjoy growing in any room of your home.

You can read more gardening tips from Mel on Mel’s Garden. You can also find her on Pinterest here.

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