Why Conferences Are My New Favourite Thing

I just had one of the most amazing weeks of my life – and it’s all thanks to attending a conference!

Earlier this month, I headed all the way over to Corning NY to speak and teach at Tbex (travel blogging conference). It’s a long way to go and I had questioned if it was really worth my time – especially after we bought a house and would be moving three days after I got back!

Workbooks for my SEO workshop

Before this conference, I had been to three other blogging conferences and, to be honest, I did not get much out of them. They were more about “hey bloggers are great!” than anything useful and I did not find it that easy to network or learn anything. In fact, the last conference I attended just left me very frustrated as I heard speaker after speaker say SEO is not a valid way to build a business while they admitted they made no money themselves.

Tbex at Fingers Lakes was very different.

I connected with so many amazing people. I had so much fun.

And it was so amazing to be around people where what I do is not only not weird but respected.

I presented a session on building sales funnels and I ran a workshop on SEO. These were both great experiences for me. I saw how far I had come from a few years ago, when public speaking was my worst nightmare, to really loving it and barely being nervous.

During my SEO workshop

It was my first in-person workshop and it was also really interesting to have immediate feedback on what people struggled with, what worked, what didn’t which I know will make be a better online teacher as well.

Even better was meeting all the people at the conference, particularly people I had helped via my blog, DigitalNomadWannabe.

So many people came up and told me how my blog and my Facebook group had changed their lives. It made more determined than ever to make this part of my business profitable as I really want this to be what I do.

One person even got teary telling me how much I have helped change her life. It’s amazing and easy to not really take in when I’m usually just reading comments from people rather than interacting in real life.

Some of the many amazing people I met

I also had many interesting conversations which are helping shape how I want to move forward with my business. There were so many knowledgeable people there and I got a lot out of it from a personal growth standpoint as well.

Despite the 36 hour journey home, I am still on a high and so excited to move forward with my business and I hope to attend many more conferences in future. I just wish they weren’t so far away!

You can also read about my trip to Quebec after the conference here.

Do you attend conferences? Do they help?