What To Buy The Two Year-Old Who Has It All

It’s been birthday season in our house – S and Baby J both had birthdays over the last week and a half. They actually both had the same due date so I am glad they were born a week apart.

It was easy enough to buy something for turning-8-years-old S. She is girly and pretty much loves everything girly. She’s really into unicorns so her present was sorted in 5 minutes on this site.

However, our turning-two-year-old doesn’t talk about wanting anything and is a third child – so we have plenty of things for him. I feel like we are always throwing toys out as we have too many and they are annoying.

Does anyone else feel like toys multiple by themselves?

We thought about something online, like joining up to Reading Eggs again now it has a toddler option.

But we ended up taking a different direction – after reading this list of toy alternatives – and bought a zoo membership! This doubled up as an activity for his birhday and gave the whole family something cool to do.

Present time! J was super happy with just a couple of presents

I hate that I feel somewhat bad for not giving him much in the way of actual, hold-in-the-hand presents, but he really doesn’t need it and I’m sure he prefers quality zoo time with us anyway.

Why have we been conditioned that we NEED to buy a ton of toys anyway?!

We wanted him to have something to open so we bought him a couple of books and a Thomas the Tank Engine train and he was super happy. He revelled in the extra attention, his cake, presents all of it. It really is so much more fun as the kids get older.

I am really happy we did this now as we get to enjoy the Melbourne Zoo for a whole year which I’m sure J is going to love.

What would you buy the 2 year-old that has everything?!