Should we leave Australia?

One of the best things about how I earn a living is the freedom and flexibility that I have from running an online business.

However, it does have some negatives and one of the biggest is that there can be too much choice about how to live our lives.

Yep, that is one quality problem.

It means I can spend too much time questioning in my head things like where should we live?

I’ve managed to put it to the back burner for quite awhile now because it’s somewhat pointless to keep analysing it and we have been so happy living back in Melbourne that I’ve kind of wished that we weren’t so happy as it would be much cheaper to live somewhere else.

Visiting Melbourne’s fun Moomba festival last month

That was until three things happened recently.

Number one.

We found a perfect house for us that we could easily afford. The only problem was the bank did not agree and did not want to lend to us because we are self employed without a long earnings history.

It upset me more than I would have imagined and it’s somewhat ruined my love of living in Australia.

It’s added to my sense that it is just so much harder living here than what we experienced living in Malaysia.

Number two.

We went back to Penang for the first time since we left in November 2015 after spending a year calling it home.

It was awesome. We miss it. All of us.

Our backyard in Malaysia in 2015

Number three.

My daughter has been very firm since starting school two years ago that she would not live somewhere else again. I also love her (and now my son’s) school and have not wanted to leave it.

However, both my older kids are now firmly on board and asking to leave.

Then there’s the things I already know.

That living in Melbourne, especially where we live, is crazy expensive. It would be so much cheaper living in another country especially if we moved our business as well and stopped paying such high levels of tax.

We would be so much better off financially if we did not live in Australia. Just about everywhere else is cheaper.

Plus, the price of everything also makes me more stressed about my business all the time. I feel such earning pressure and it would definitely add to my happiness levels to have that gone.

It was also much easier living in Malaysia.

We had such a sweet life.

We literally did not do any more than 5 minutes cleaning a day.

We never cooked unless you count putting cereal in a bowl and adding milk. Eating out was so cheap, delicious, quick and easy so we did it every lunch and dinner.

Child care was cheap so we could structure that however we wanted.

It was really easy to have a good life where we really could spend our time only doing what we wanted.

So why are we still here?

When I write it all out I really don’t know.

I love Melbourne and truly think it’s one of the best cities in the world. But it is expensive, it’s hard and we are heading into winter which sucks!

There is Josh’s family and our friends but we are so busy just coping day by day that we don’t get to spend much time with any of them.

Maybe we should just leave…

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