Living Our Australian Dream – We Bought A House!

We did it! We have bough a house in our beloved inner North area of Melbourne.

Even six month ago, this was something we thought was out of our reach. The house we currently rent would be worth over two million dollars so we were resigned to the fact that we would rent forever.

Then everything came together and it all just seemed to happen (although a two million dollar house is still out of our reach – for now 😉 ).

The right house came along in the right spot for an awesome price. We got loan approval easily (a huge shock as previously been told by multiple parties it would be impossible by one of the big banks due to running my own business). We bought the house easily – no one else bid at the auction.

Sticking that sold sticker on!

Part of me rebels against the idea of owning as it annoys me how many people say we should.

Like a combination of the following:

  • Having to slave away for thirty years at a job we might not want
  • Sacrificing other things so we can keep paying for it

For a place that really the bank owns is some type of heavenly existence that everyone should want or there is something wrong with them.

We gave in at one point – we bought the house we could afford out in the ‘burbs. We went without pretty much everything while hubby worked most of the time. It made us miserable, we moved back to the inner city (and renting) as soon as we could afford it and we swore we would never do it again.

And I don’t feel we have.

This time, we weren’t interested in buying until we could buy a house suitable for us (not what other people say we need – no quarter acre block here!), in an area that we love and that we could afford easily. Our mortgage will be cheaper than what we currently pay in rent. We are a few kilometre’s from Melbourne’s CBD and there is definitely no more suburban living for us.

It’s smaller than the house we currently rent and I say yippee! Less cleaning.

But I think it will suit us better, and there is  space for me to have my own office. No more working in a corner of my bedroom!

But, most importantly, we aren’t sacrificing the rest of our lives to make this happen. We can afford this on one income. We can afford it while travelling as much as we want. We can afford it while paying school fees and everything else we want for the kids.

It feels absolutely awesome!

And while a townhouse with no yard in inner city Melbourne may not be considered the Australian dream. It is 100% ours.