Lifestyle Goals For 2018

I made some seemingly simple goals for 2018 and, so far, I am definitely failing. I’m hoping that if I write them down here that that will change!

The most powerful thing I ever did for growing my online business was when I started blogging about my goals and producing income reports. It made me more accountable and I pushed myself harder because I didn’t want to look like a failure.

Now to see if that can work with lifestyle goals!

There are my goals…

1. Exercise every day

I am aiming low here as by exercise, I mean just go for a walk!

Because I work from home I spend way too much time sitting on my backside so even a walk is a huge step up.

I also know that I feel so much better when I get out of the house and walk around a bit. While I love working from home, it’s not good for my general wellbeing when I spend all my time here. I also find I work much better and am far more positive when I exercise.

I know all this but still, I fail 🙁

I need to improve!

2. Work less

Me working… on a photo shoot

I don’t just want to work less because I feel I should (which is where I was last year) but because I now have a burning desire to not be working so hard.

It’s tough to spend most of my spare seconds working on my business on top of the kids and everything else and I don’t want to anymore.

By next month, I’m hoping to go back to four days a week and then by later this year, I only want to work school hours four days a week.

As part of this, I also want to cut back doing any tasks I don’t enjoy. While there will always be some things that just have to be me, the reality is that I can hire people to do most things I don’t like and I really need to do this whether it’s in my business or at home.

3. Make time for hobbies

Part of working less is to make more time to do things for myself. I want to get back to studying Spanish and working on massaging and self-care.

4. Get a regular babysitter

This has been on mine and hubby’s to do list for two years and we have still failed! We rarely get a break together away from the kids.

We want to hire someone to come an evening a fortnight to give us much needed alone time.

I am going to get it sorted in the next month… I hope!

5. Be better at pivoting to positive emotions

I recently completed a life-changing course about money mindfulness.

It’s really changed the way I want to live and the way I want to view my life.

It’s also really opened my eyes to how much energy it can take to be positive as well as how important this is.

I’m trying very hard to pivot when I feel down or have negative emotions and it’s definitely a goal of mine to get better at this.

6. Be kinder to me

This is probably the hardest goal of the lot!

I’m really hard on myself and I need to stop.

While it is somewhat useful (and no doubt why I have been able to build my business so far), it’s also self-destructive and holds me back in many ways.

Which also means I need to be forgiving of myself if I can’t reach all these goals perfectly… but I do need to try!

Do you have any lifestyle goals for 2018? What are they?