How Do I Simplify Travel? Travel Woes With Three Kids

There is one area of my life where no matter how much I try, I am really, really bad at simplifying. Considering I spend about ¼ to 1/3 of my time living this area of my life every year, this leads to a lot of exhaustion and stress.

So what is this area?


Travel is always my big weakness. It’s my passion.

 It’s my addiction too.

Life at home was exhausting with two young kids, a growing business and hubby at work most of the time. When we travelled, it seemed easier as hubby was around all the time. It really didn’t seem more tiring. That was until we added kid #3.

Initially, I blamed travel blogging for how hard travel had become. This seems reasonable, even in hindsight. When I was travel blogging as a career, travel was literally my job. Which is nowhere near as exciting as it sounds.

It is hard work.

We would travel to a new place every few days and visit 5+ attractions most days. Then, when we’d get back to the hotel, I would be working for a few hours writing about each and sorting out photos.

Try that with young kids.

Brothers at Angkor Wat

Brothers at Angkor Wat a few days ago

It did somewhat kill my love for travel.

But I still enjoyed it until we added baby #3. Then it became so exhausting that I hated every minute.

I sold the blog and couldn’t wait to enjoy travel for travel’s sake again.

I was convinced this would fix all the problems.

It didn’t.

We even planned a “year of holidays” in 2018 hoping that would fix it. Instead of travelling around a lot, we would stick to cruises and resorts. Only easy things.

It turned out to be our worst year of travel ever.

Three trips. One ruined by severe food poisoning – to the point where seizures were involved. Absolutely terrifying. Another was when I broke a bone in my knee in Thailand on the third day.

The other holiday was great and a good break. However, add in the other two and travel still added a ton of stress to our lives.

This year, I am ready for adventure again. Holidays definitely do not quench my thirst for travel especially when they come to an end on the third day as was the case with my knee.

I have started quenching my thirst this month with a trip involving Cambodia, Japan and Hawaii.

beach cambodia

Beach time in Cambodia

I write this on our way to Japan after two weeks in Cambodia and I am exhausted.

It’s too much. I want to scream and curl up into a ball and sleep for 100 years.

Gastro went through three members of the family in Cambodia including my husband. It was hard work but was only really an issue for about 5 days of the time.

But the whole time seemed like such hard work despite the fact I pre-booked every transfer, hotel and some activities. Nothing really worked properly (including our domestic flight cancelled) and there still seemed like constant travel stuff to work on. Add in to that the fact I still need to work about an hour a day minimum and that our toddler has not been sleeping well and the older kids weren’t either when they were sick and I am beyond exhausted yet again.

I could keep going on listing out even more reasons why I’m tired. Reasons why travel hasn’t worked again. Excuses why this trip is extra hard.

But maybe that is all they are. Excuses.

Maybe travel can only be exhausting with three kids, at least for awhile, while one of them is so young. Especially since I need to work as well.

I wonder if I am fooling myself that travel can ever work for the next few years.

Am I being selfish pushing my husband to these extreme acts of exhaustion?

The kids enjoy it so I am not worried about them. But it is really hard work for us and I know he would love to travel less. Our compromise has been that I will stay happy living in Melbourne and having that as our base if he is happy to travel most school holidays.

My head goes round in circles every time I think about it.

I would love to hear from others that have three kids and travelled with them from a young age. Is it just tough? Should I just toughen up and get over it?! Does it get easier?

My eight-year old has such attitude at the moment that I’m no longer sure getting older will help – but then everything is easier to handle once kids sleep through.

I was so excited to book a Peru trip last month for mid this year but now I am wondering if that was crazy.

I just don’t know how to satisfy my travel quench, how to bring up my kids as global citizens with an understanding of the world and how to not torture myself and hubby with sleep deprivation all at the same time.

Help please!!!

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