Happy First Birthday To My Facebook Group

I’m feeling reflective today as the Facebook group I started for my business is turning one year old.

I started the group on a whim after having it on the back of my mind for a long time. I had been too worried to start one because I feared no one would join or people wouldn’t use it and I would look dumb.

I needn’t have worried. It has been a huge success which has transformed that part of my business.

My group!

When I think about where I was a year ago with growing my blog, Digital Nomad Wannabe, to where I am now, I am incredibly happy.

It was my goal to start making products that could really help people have the same success with blogging and working online that I have had. I wanted this to be our prime income source so I could stop doing other activities that don’t feed my soul in the same way.

It is great to have made that happen.

The group has been an integral part.

After I started it, I suddenly found myself being mentioned in many places. I was seen as the authority in my areas of expertise and people came to me without me putting in much direct effort.

It’s been quite amazing. I would never have guessed what a launching pad it would be for me.

Thinking of starting your own group?

I highly recommend it as a way of promoting your brand that is organic and not at all sleazy. However, it is a lot of work!

At the beginning, I probably would have spent the best part of a day a week working on Facebook lives, challenges and posts to help the group and keep them entertained.

Now the group has grown (nearly 5000), I have been able to pull back somewhat but I am still in there each and every day.

The good news, however, is that if you build the group well then you can love the time you spend in there. It’s nice talking and helping like minded people and I have enjoyed the group. I am only pulling back now as I want to concentrate on my paying customers.

I didn’t even know what products I would have when I started the group. Having a group first can actually be a great step as then you get to know your target audience and learn what they need and how you can help them.

If you are thinking about starting a group, jump in and do it!