Exercising And My Lifestyle Goals For 2018

I have been very proud of myself lately as I have finally managed something BIG – I’m exercising again!

Since getting back from Malaysia about a month ago, I’ve exercised every day apart from a six day break when I was sick.

Mostly I’ve been running but I’ve also been doing aerobic exercises on YouTube.

It feels really great and I’ve been loving it.

What is sad is that I took a break for so long – for about five years!

Not me. You don’t need to see a big, red, sweaty me running 😀

I can make every excuse under the sun and they are somewhat legitimate as I am super busy with three kids and my own business.

However, they also fall completely flat as what is more important than looking after your health and well being?

I know I do everything better in life when I exercise. So I have finally made myself use that knowledge to prioritise it.

It is tough at times as the reality is that I am short on time, but I have been able to find a window that works most days. After my 1 year old has breakfast in the morning, I take him in the jogging stroller and run then.

With him taken care of, my husband can shower and get ready and not worry about watching him. It’s actually kind of easier than when we are all in the house and the older kids are fine to take care of themselves.

It’s also a win for me as mornings are a bit of a horror time with trying to get everyone ready.

I am worried that I won’t be able to keep running though. I’m getting knee pain just like I did after I took up running again when Z was a baby. I’m taking it slow and hoping it won’t get to the point where I end up quitting again and have been following some tips here about postpartum exercise.

How about my other lifestyle goals?

Before starting this, I was reading over my lifestyle goals for 2018, expecting to be proud of myself as I assumed I had done a great job of meeting all of them.

Ummmm no.

I’m still failing badly.

I can put a tick next to 1. Exercise every day. But the other ones?

2. Work less – I think I am doing this although not by much and I’m not making the improvements I was hoping for.

3. Get a regular babysitter – Complete fail. I found some choices but then didn’t do anything else.

4. Be better at pivoting to positive emotions – I am going ok with this but not as well as I was after a big disappointment in March.

5. Be kinder to me – Another fail. Although I have been working on more massages.

Lucky it’s only May I guess!

Are you as bad as sticking to your lifestyle goals as me?