The Perfect Sunday In East Brunswick And North Fitzroy

I was driving to the supermarket on Saturday morning when I noticed something I hadn’t realised before – a micro brewery a short walk from our house! Not only this but it looked fun and kid friendly with a food truck and families eating there when we drove past.

The next thing I knew we were back the next day with plans to visit a second micro brewery we had discovered as well.

It turned into a full day event with some awesome experiences and the best day I have had in a long time. It was definitely the best day we have had with three kids and we’ve been to Africa, Disneyland and many other glamorous sounding places with them. It definitely beat the weekend before when we did the Kokoda Memorial Trail. Note to anyone reading this – don’t do it with a toddler!

It was complemented by beautiful weather and a random festival and the fact that the kids were strangely well behaved.

This is how to have the perfect day in East Brunswick and North Fitzroy!

Step 1: Go to Thunder Road Brewery

Thunder Road Brewery East Brunswick

Thunder Road Brewery

This micro brewery is tucked away on Barkly Street just off Lygon Street.

There’s a food truck out the front with outdoor tables and chairs and then quite a large seating area surrounded by all the brewing equipment inside. There are games and it’s a fun location.

There isn’t a huge range of food but there are some good snacking options.

I recommend the tasting platter and particularly enjoyed the Brunswick Bitter.

It’s only open Friday – Sunday and I was surprised how few people were there for such a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Step 2: Go to Temple Brewing Company

Temple Brewing Company

Temple Brewing Company

A very short walk away on the other side of Lygon Street is the Temple Brewing Company.

This has a nice outdoor area at the front and a small bar area inside.

There are some good food options, but again the menu is quite simple.

The tasting platter is the way to go again to try the beers. There is a lemon sour option which is strangely very good!

It’s open Thursday – Sunday and this was busier than the Thunder Road Brewery but still not that busy. You can see through glass to the brewing area.

Step 3: Eat gelato

There are a couple of gelato places on Lygon Street inbetween the two breweries and we could not resist!

Step 4: Go to The Village Festival

The Village Festival Fitzroy

When a giant lizard crashes the wedding you’re attending for two ten year olds, I couldn’t help but wonder what had been added to my beer!

This step is going to be harder if the festival is not on.

We only realised this Fitzroy Festival was on accidentally but we are glad we did!

Located in Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy, this festival is the most random I have ever been to – and I have been to many random festivals including a celebration in North Korea this year.

At one point I found myself in a wedding ceremony for two tenish year old girls which was crashed by a giant lizard. I really wondered what had been put in my beer!

It only got more random from there (like when I was spun around and told to find my place in space) but it was definitely A LOT OF FUN! And very family friendly.

I will be making sure we go next year!

Step 6: Eat great Thai at Lai Thai Restaurant

After the huge day walking around and enjoying all the above, we were definitely not up for cooking so we stopped by our favourite Thai place on the way home.

We usually get take away but it was so nice to eat it fresh in the restaurant and we had a great meal.

Final thoughts

Thunder Road Brewery

Thunder Road Brewery

The last time I had a day like this would have been as a twenty something and it was great to see it was still possible with kids.

We will be more brave now about getting out and about!

The best part is that this weekend is a 5 day long weekend for school and Melbourne Cup so it gives us the perfect excuse to go back and repeat it! Fingers crossed for some more hot weather.

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