Australia’s Best Nappy Bag 2019: Complete Buyers Guide & Reviews

With so many brands claiming to have the best nappy bag, it can be a little overwhelming trying to decipher which are the best nappy bags for your particular lifestyle.

If you’re looking at buying your first nursery bag, you’re probably overwhelmed by the huge number of options available. You can get a large nappy bag or a small nappy bag. Then there are the types of baby changing bags including a baby bag backpack, a tote nappy bag, a handbag nappy bag or a messenger type bag. There are leather nappy bags, a unisex nappy bag or nappy bags for dads… the list just goes on.

To help ease some of that overwhelm, this guide will not only take you through the various types of best baby bags currently on the market, but also help you understand the various features in nappy changing bags. The guide will also take a closer look at some of the best baby nappy bags Australia currently has available.

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This complete best diaper bags 2019 guide is designed to help you choose the best baby changing bag to match your family’s lifestyle.


Top 10 Nappy Bag Comparison Chart

HapTim Multi-function Large Baby Diaper Bag BackpackBackpack5.0Check
Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper BagTote/Messenger4.5Check
Isoki Madame Polly Avalon Tan BagTote4.0Check
OiOi Cross Body Utility Tote BagTote4.0Check
Storksak Jude Convertible Backpack Diaper BagTote4.5Check
Tradico® Baby Portable Nappy BagClutch4.0Check
Hip Cub Nappy Bag BackpackBackpack4.5Check
Terra Baby Larger Capacity Nappy BagBackpack4.5Check
Timi & Leslie Dawn Diaper BagMessenger4.0Check
Lassig Women's Casual Twin Baby Diaper BagTote4.0Check

The Best Nappy Bags Of 2019

  • HapTim Multi-function Baby Diaper Bag, Backpack
  • Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag, Tote/Messenger
  • Isoki Madame Polly Avalon Tan Bag, Tote
  • OiOi Cross Body Utility Bag, Tote
  • Storksak Jude Convertible Diaper Bag, Tote
  • Tradico® Baby Portable Nappy Bag, Clutch
  • Hip Cub Nappy Bag, Backpack
  • Terra Baby Larger Capacity Nappy Bag, Backpack
  • Timi & Leslie Dawn Diaper Bag, Messenger
  • Lassig Women’s Casual Twin Baby Diaper Bag, Tote

Finding The Best Nappy Bag For You and Your Baby

A dedicated nappy bag (also known as a diaper bag, changing bag and baby bag) will be one of your most used baby items in the first year or two of your baby’s life. For such little people, babies sure do need a lot of things and for parents, it’s really best to be prepared for all sorts of possible situations.

Whilst you may think about using a large hand bag or backpack (which of course is an option), the beauty of a bag designed to specifically to be a nappy bag is that it has several built in compartments designed to store the various things babies need. They quite often also have additional features like a change mat and straps that enable you to carry it on your shoulders or attach it to a pram.

A good quality nappy bag is an absolute lifesaver for parents that want to remain organised whilst out and about with their baby.

Types Of Nappy Bags

Tote Bag

A baby tote bag is basically an over-sized handbag. They can be fairly big and bulky and are designed to be carried over the shoulder.

  • Tote bags generally provide easy access especially when in a hurry.
  • There are loads of different tote options on the market, giving you heaps of choice.
  • Being similar to a handbag, totes come in some fashionable designs and are popular with mums who want one of the more stylish baby nappy bags.
  • On the other hand, tote bags don’t make a great men’s diaper bag as they tend to be more of a feminine design.
  • Tote bags usually have heaps of space and a few compartments which are great for storing lots of things, but can make locating items difficult.


A diaper backpack, is like an everyday backpack, but the best backpack diaper bag is designed to store things specifically for baby.

  • Backpacks provide a hands-free experience.
  • The best backpack nappy bag allows you to spread out the load in an ergonomic way, which helps reduce neck and shoulder pain.
  • Backpacks usually have several compartments designed to specifically store various baby items.
  • For the most part you won’t even realise these backpacks are nappy bags which makes them a great ladies or men’s nappy bag.
  • Even the best nappy backpack isn’t overly stylish, so they may not suit fashion conscious parents.

Messenger Type Bag

Messenger nappy bags are somewhat similar to a tote bag in shape, but are designed to go across your body so you have the advantage of being hands free.

  • Messenger-type nappy bag usually comes in smaller sizes and capacities compared to other types.
  • Like a backpack, a messenger bag allows you to be hands free which is helpful when carrying babies or other items.
  • Similar to totes, messenger bags tend to have the weight on one shoulder which may cause neck and shoulder pain.
  • You can easily access items from a messenger bag without removing it from your shoulder.
  • Messenger bags are usually more unisex in design and colour, so are great diaper bags for dads and mums.


A clutch nappy bag is just a small diaper bag designed to be held in your hand, similar to a clutch that a lady may use on a night out. These types of nappy bags are designed to carry just a few items.

  • This compact nappy bag is not ideal for long travels due to its small size; very limited space and can fit only a few items.
  • Easy to carry, lightweight nappy bag.
  • Ideal if you are just popping out for an hour or so (although we all know anything can happen in an hour or so with a baby!).


Before purchasing a nappy bag you will need to consider what you intend to carry. While I don’t recommend you buy the biggest nappy bag you can find, don’t underestimate how many things one small little baby can need at any given time. On some trips away from home they might not need anything, whereas other times they may need multiple nappy changes, two clothes changes as well as bottles, formula and lots to eat.

If you have multiple small children, you will also need to ensure there is room for all your children’s things. You don’t want to be bringing multiple bags.


It’s highly recommended that you look for a nappy bag not only made from great quality fabric but also one that is easy to clean. Being a baby’s bag, there is no doubt that you will get multiple spills and stains on this bag (including baby vomit, poop and food!) not to mention putting it down all over the place when you are out and about.

Some good fabrics to consider are a leather baby bag or a fabric which is machine washable and water resistant.

Quality Zippers/Magnetic Locks

Carrying bubs in one hand and your bag in another, you’re going to be put in some random positions and you don’t want the contents of your nappy bag spilling out everywhere, so ensure the bag you purchase has quality zippers and/or magnetic locks.

Zippers that get stuck on cheap nappy bags can become a real pain, so it’s worth the investment to get quality ones.

Other Handy Features


Thermo-Insulated Bottle Pockets. Thermo-insulated bottle pockets can be great for keeping babies food or bottles warm or cold. Heat them up at home before you head out and then pop them in the insulated bottle pockets.

Compartments. Do you like things all in the one main compartment or are you the sort of person that likes everything to have its own place? Whilst it’s great to have loads of compartments, sometimes this is more of a hindrance when you can’t find what you are looking for. So consider what works for you in terms of compartments.

Water-resistant. Water-resistant material is ideal for keeping water from getting into the bag as well as leakages from inside the bag. Also being water resistant, it is less likely to stain.

Pram Straps. Having a nappy bag that can convert from a carry bag to a pram bag is great. I mean let’s face it, a lot of the time baby is going to be in a pram so you don’t really want to be pushing them and carrying the nappy bag. Pram straps mean the nappy bag can easily be hung from the handles of the pram.

Top 10 Nappy Bags Reviews 2019

1. HapTim Multi-function Large Baby Diaper Bag Backpack Review

With this large baby bag from Hap Tim, you’ll be able to pack everything that baby could possibly need out and about while keeping your hands free.

This multi function backpack is super large without being bulky and comes with 17 different internal and external pockets. The front compartment contains 7 interior pockets including 3 insulated pockets and 4 regular pockets, while the back compartment has 1 big zippered pocket, 1 big regular pocket and 2 regular sized pockets. There are also 2 exterior pockets for bottles or baby wipes, 1 exterior pocket for keeping your important items secure and 2 large zippered front pockets.

Made from high quality nylon fabric with PU back coating this backpack is waterproof as well as features non fraying stitching and strong zippers. For your comfort, this waterproof nappy bag has padded shoulder straps as well as pram straps and grab handles for your convenience. This bag also includes a changing mat.

For parents who want a large, stylish yet practical backpack nappy bag, you really can’t go past the Hap Tim travel nappy bag. It comes at a great affordable price too.

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2. Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag Review

The Skip Hop nappy bag is a versatile messenger style baby bag perfect for parents that want a combination of functionality and style.

While not as large as the Hap Tim nappy bag, the Skip Hop Duo still has plenty of compartments for storing baby’s things. There are a total of ten different compartments, with the main compartment being fastened with a zipper as well as two elasticized mesh side pockets and a front zip pocket that can hold a tablet or laptop up to 15”.

For your comfort and convenience, the bag has an adjustable cross-body strap with a non slip shoulder pad and grab handles. You can also easily convert this bag to a pram bag. Some other great features of this nappy bag include contrasting lining for easy visibility, d-ring for toys or dummy and a machine washable cushioned changing pad.

Coming in a range of great colours and designs suitable for both mums and dads, this is a great versatile nappy bag.

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3. Isoki Madame Polly Avalon Tan Bag Review

This Isoki nappy bag is for mums who want a large yet super chic and stylish nappy bag.

This nappy bag has three large separate compartments providing plenty of room for baby’s things. There are multiple pockets including a front pocket with zipper as well as a removable storage bag which is ideal for holding nappies and wipes as well as a removable insulated bottle and snack bag.

These faux leather diaper bags feature an adjustable shoulder strap as well as tote handles. It also comes with a large, easy to wipe padded change mat and straps to convert to a pram bag.

The classy design of the Isoki nappy bag means that no one will even know it’s a nappy bag which means you can use it long after baby grows up.

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4. OiOi Cross Body Utility Tote Bag Review

This leather look black nappy bag by OiOi is a stylish yet functional nappy bag perfect for mums and dads.

Being a classic tote bag, the OiOi nappy bag has one large front pocket which is perfect for storing everything you need when out and about with bubs. It also includes an additional insulated zip side pocket for drinks as well as a back zip pocket for keys and other personal items.

When it comes to straps, this nappy bag has multiple options. The bag includes an adjustable shoulder strap, grab handles and detachable pram straps. It also comes with a large padded change mat.

This water resistant nappy bag is a great option for parents wanting a classic style yet versatile bag, with plenty of room for storing baby’s things.

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5. Storksak Jude Convertible Backpack Diaper Bag Review

The Storksak Jude diaper bag is great for parents who want options, as this bag can be converted from a shoulder bag, cross body bag, backpack and pram bag.

The nappy bag has a large main zippered compartment as well as an additional seven pockets including a front padded pocket for a tablet or laptop and multiple interior pockets to keep your things organised. It also comes with a zippered insulated bottle holder as well as a changing mat which has pockets for creams, nappies and wipes.

As mentioned, there are multiple options in terms of how you carry this bag. Use the detachable shoulder strap to carry it across your body or over the shoulder, or carry it as a backpack or over your pram.

Coming in a range of colours, this water resistant canvas bag with leather trim is a great bag for parents who want a high quality nappy bag.

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6. Tradico® Baby Portable Nappy Bag Review

For those that just prefer something small and compact, the Tradico is the perfect solution.

This compact handbag nappy bag is just big enough for you to store the essentials. Pop a few nappies and wipes in and away you go. The nappy bag also doubles as a changing mat.

This clutch style nappy bag is perfect on its own, or throw it in your bigger nappy bag, so you can keep all your changing items together.

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7. Hip Cub Nappy Bag Backpack Review

The Hip Cub Nappy Bag would have to be among one of the most stylish bags for both mums and dads in these reviews. Designed to look like a trendy backpack, no one will even know its a nappy bag!

The guys at Hip Cub say they set out to design a bag for parents who didn’t want a “cutesy” style nappy bag, and they delivered! Not only is this bag fashionable but it’s practical too. The bag features ten pockets in total, including one large exterior front pocket, two elasticized side bottle pockets, one large main compartments and a further six interior compartments.

Like all good versatile nappy bags, this bag also comes with pram straps as well as a changing pad. It also features high quality zippers, magnetic clips and cotton canvas fabric as well as an included 90 day manufacturer warranty.

Mums and dads love this unisex stylish nappy bag. With it’s stylish design, once bub grows up you can continue using it as a day to day backpack.

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8. Terra Baby Larger Capacity Nappy Bag Review

Yet another fantastic option for parents wanting a stylish, yet practical nappy backpack, is this Terra nappy bag.

This bag is the ultimate bag for those parents that like to be organised with eleven different pockets. Pockets include a zippered side pocket for baby wipes, zippered front padded pocket for your personal items, zippered back pocket that holds a tablet up to 9.7 inches and an insulated side pocket for bottles.

For comfort and convenience, it has adjustable shoulder straps as well as the ability to clip onto a pram. This nappy bag also comes with a change mat, baby bib, insulated baby bottle carrier and mesh storage cube. There are no excuses for not being organised with this nappy bag!

Made from high quality waterproof material with strong dual zippers, this Terra backpack is designed to last for years.

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9. Timi & Leslie Dawn Diaper Bag Review

The Timi & Leslie Dawn nappy bag is designed for parents that want something stylish yet completely practical and functional.

Made from PVC-free vegan faux leather, this fashionable bag looks more like a trendy shoulder bag than a baby’s bag. It has plenty of roomy individual compartments to keep all baby’s things well organised including three exterior pockets, one insulated pocket tote to keep your baby’s bottle cool or warm and six interior pockets as well as a key fob so you don’t misplace your keys.

This cross body bag comes with an adjustable strap as well as non slip pram straps so you can secure it in your pram. It also includes a changing pad which also has pockets so you can store nappies, wipes and creams.

For parents who want a high quality messenger style nappy bag, you can’t go past the Timi & Leslie Metro nappy bag.

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10. Lassig Women’s Casual Twin Baby Diaper Bag Review

The last nappy bag in these reviews is designed with parents of twins in mind.

Of course having twins, you need to pack double of everything and so need a nappy bag with much more storage. This XXL Lassig twin nappy bag has so much space, including an extra large main compartment which includes various interior pockets as well as additional compartments for your personal items such as keys, mobile and pens.

This nappy bag also includes an extra large water repellent changing mat, removable baby food jar holder, water repellent wet compartment and an integrated pocket for 2 dummies.

Parents will love the ability to convert this bag to a backpack, letting them have their hands free which is essential with twins. The bag can also be secured to the pram as well.

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