Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Humidifier Australia 2019

During the winter months, having one of the best humidifiers in the home is a great way to prevent dryness that causes irritation to body as well as help ease cold and flu symptoms. It’s also particularly helpful if anyone in the family suffers from asthma. 

I always ensure I have an air humidifier on hand in case any of the kids start getting sick. Even for myself, I like having a room humidifier in the office to help keep any bugs away. It did take me awhile to find a humidifier that I was happy with though, as I really didn’t know what I was looking for to start with. If you’re in the same position, then you’re going to find these humidifier reviews really helpful.

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In these best humidifier Australia reviews, I’m going to take you through the best air humidifier options on the market and help you understand which type of humidifier is best for your needs. I’ll also explain the difference between an ultrasonic humidifier, a cool mist humidifier and a warm mist humidifier. 

Regardless of whether you are after the best whole home humidifier or baby humidifier, a cheap humidifier or a top quality one, this guide will help you purchase one of the best humidifiers on the market for you.

Best Humidifier Australia Comparison Chart

Vicks Mini Cool Mist HumidifierUltrasonic1.9 litres4.5Check
Honeywell Top Fill Warm Mist HumidifierWarm Mist4.9 litres3.0Check
Philips Air HumidifierEvaporative250 ml/h4.5Check
InnoBeta Air HumidifierUltrasonic3 litres4.5Check
TaoTronics Cool Mist HumidifierUltrasonic4 litres4.5Check
Stadler Form Oskar HumidifierEvaporative3.5 litres3.5Check
HoMedics Warm and Cool Mist HumidifierWarm and Cool Mist5.2 litres4.0Check
Beurer Air Humidifier with AromatherapyUltrasonic2 litres4.5Check
Cli-Mate Air HumidifierUltrasonic1.3 litres4.0Check
KBAYBO Ultrasonic Cold Mist USB HumidifierUltrasonic120 ml4.5Check

List Of Best Humidifiers Australia

Here’s a handy reference list – see all humidifier reviews below!

  • Vicks Mini Cool Mist Humidifier, Ultrasonic
  • Honeywell Top Fill Humidifier, Warm Mist
  • Philips Air Humidifier, Evaporative
  • InnoBeta Air Humidifier, Ultrasonic
  • TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier, Ultrasonic
  • Stadler Form Oskar Humidifier, Evaporative
  • HoMedics Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier, Warm and Cool Mist
  • Beurer Air Humidifier, Ultrasonic
  • Cli-Mate Air Humidifier, Ultrasonic
  • KBAYBO USB Humidifier, Ultrasonic

What Is A Humidifier?

A humidifier is a small appliance which adds moisture to the air by dispersing a delicate mist. This added moisture to the room helps to prevent dryness that can cause irritation to parts of the body such as skin, nose, throat and lips. Humidifiers can also assist in reducing cold and flu symptoms as well as help those suffering from asthma.

A humidifier can be used in various rooms in the home. Often the best place for a humidifier is in the bedroom to help aid with sleep, but you can also have a humidifier in the office or living area too.

Benefits Of Having An Air Humidifier

There is a range of great health benefits from using a humidifier in your home including:

  • Helps make a cough more productive by adding moisture to the airways;
  • Prevents the skin, lips, nose and throat from becoming dry;
  • Helps reduce cold and flu symptoms;
  • Helps reduce allergy and asthma symptoms;
  • Reduces snoring – dry air can make snoring worse, so adding humidity to the air can relieve some symptoms.

Best Humidifier For Baby

A humidifier is a fantastic addition to a baby’s bedroom, particularly if the baby is experiencing in a cold or congestion. Having a humidifier in baby’s room can help relieve all these symptoms in a non-invasive way.  

Generally, the best humidifier for baby room, Australia is a warm mist one which will kill any bacteria. The best warm mist humidifier for baby is great for a baby that suffers any breathing issues as it is less likely to produce mould as a cold mist humidifier can.

Ensure the humidifier is placed well away from the baby’s cot so that the warm mist will not land directly on the baby’s skin. However please note that when the baby becomes a toddler, a warm mist humidifier is not recommended due to the burn risks.

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Choosing The Best Humidifier 2019

There are a range of different types of humidifiers available, all with their own benefits. Below, I have provided a brief overview of some of the more popular types of humidifiers available.


Ultrasonic Cool-Mist Humidifier

An ultrasonic cool mist humidifier uses ultrasonic vibrations to spread moisture into the air as a fine mist.  

  • The benefit of an ultrasonic humidifier is that it doesn’t use heat, making it a great choice when young children are around as it eliminates any burn risks.
  • More likely to produce mould than a warm mist humidifier

Evaporative Cool-Mist Humidifier

An evaporative humidifier uses a fan to generate wind and then pushes the air through a wick filter which is saturated in water – adding moisture to the air.   

  • These types of humidifiers are usually reasonably inexpensive and cheap to run.
  • They can produce too much moisture in the air which can increase mould growth.
  • Not ideal if you’re looking for a humidifier for asthma suffers.

Warm-Mist Humidifier

A warm mist humidifier (also known as a steam humidifier) boils water in a reservoir from which a warm mist is then dispersed into the air.   

  • The benefit of boiling the water is that any bacteria or mould is killed in the process.
  • A warm air humidifier helps heat a room which is great during the colder months, but not ideal during Summer.
  • The downside of a warm mist humidifier is that there are of course risks having an appliance in the home with boiling water.
  • These types of humidifiers are not recommended to be left alone with young children.


Before purchasing a humidifier, consider what you will use it for and where you want to place it. Whilst you want a good humidifier that is fully functional, you don’t want it too bulky as you’ll want to ensure it can easily sit out of the way.

A nice small humidifier also ensures it’s easy to move from room to room, and you can even take it away on holidays with you. Alternatively, you can get a large humidifier which is perfect for a family or living room.

Whole Home Humidifier. A whole-home humidifier (or in duct humidifier) is installed in the home’s central air system and disperses water into any room of the home where a duct or vent is connected to the air system. These types of humidifiers are best in hot and dry climates or for people who suffer particularly bad allergies.

Room Humidifier. A room humidifier is a small to large appliance that is designed to add moisture to a room. A room humidifier is best when you only require additional moisture to be added to the home for a few months of the year or simply can’t warrant the cost of a whole room humidifier.

Portable/Travel Humidifier. A travel/portable humidifier (or mini humidifier) is like a room humidifier only much smaller. These are great for allergy suffers who travel a lot and want to be able to add moisture to a room as required.

Features To Look For

  • Some humidifiers come with the option to add essential oils for added therapeutic benefits.
  • Look for humidifiers with a range of settings such as mist flow control and auto shut off.
  • Noise level – if you plan on using the humidifier during the night it’s important that the humidifier has a low noise level when it operates.
  • Ensure the humidifier has minimum parts that require cleaning and that the humidifier overall is simple to clean. 

How To Clean Your Humidifier

To ensure you continue to receive the benefits from your humidifier, it’s essential that you keep it properly cleaned and maintained. Without regular cleaning, any water inside will just sit there and stagnate and increase the risk of bacteria and mould being dispersed in the air.

Most humidifiers can be cleaned thoroughly with some white vinegar. Simply put a few cups of vinegar into the water tank, swish it around and then add the tank to the base, allowing the vinegar to drain into the reservoir.

After around 20 minutes, remove the vinegar and with a small brush give it all good scrub to remove any mineral deposits. Then rinse all parts thoroughly and allow to dry.

Please check the instructions of your humidifier to ensure you clean your humidifier correctly.

Best Humidifier Reviews 2019

1. Vicks Mini Cool Mist Humidifier Review

This small Vicks cool mist humidifier is an excellent option for those wanting a cool mist humidifier for the home which is also small enough to be easily portable.  

This is an ultrasonic air humidifier which means it disperses a mist into the air via a high frequency vibrating plate. Given it excels cool air, you don’t need to be concerned about any accidents making it a perfect choice if you’re after the best humidifier for toddlers or even great if you’re after the best Vicks humidifier for baby room.

This small ultrasonic humidifier runs for approximately 20 hours per fill. However with the translucent tank, you can easily see the water level and know when it’s time to fill up. Plus, it will automatically shut off when the water level gets too low.

Other features of this best cool mist humidifier include the mist flow control dial, no filter required so easy maintenance, and it also comes with a Vicks scent pad so you can also use essential oils with your humidifier for additional therapeutic benefits or just to provide the room with a beautiful smell.  

This humidifier is the perfect choice for home use. It is compact and quiet, making it perfect to run during the night or even to take away with you on holidays.

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2. Honeywell Top Fill Warm Mist Humidifier Review

If you’re after the best room size humidifier, the Honeywell Top Fill Warm Mist Humidifier is a great choice. This warm mist humidifier has been designed for larger rooms and is great for people who need it all day to provide comfort from allergies or illness.  

The 5-litre tank capacity is so convenient as you can leave it on all day and not have to worry about it running out of water. It will run for up to 24 hours when on a low setting, so you can leave it running in the corner and not have to think about it. 

The Honeywell humidifier is easy to clean, easy to fill, easy to carry and just, easy! You can use your favourite essential oils or Vicks products when you are sick. It comes in a tidy package and won’t ruin your room décor as no one will really notice it as being out of place.

This warm mist humidifier also has an automatic shut off when it runs out of water and adjustable humidistat which maintains humidity levels. It also comes with a three-year limited warranty

For anyone after the best humidifier for large room, this Honeywell warm mist humidifier with its 5 l water capacity is well worth considering.  

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3. Philips Air Humidifier Review

If you’re looking for the best air humidifier and purifier and particularly after an ultrasonic one, then consider the Philips Air Humidifier. This ultrasonic Philips Air Humidifier uses NanoCloud evaporative technology to draw dry air in and then emits humidified air out into the room which reduces the spread of bacteria by 99%.

This easy to use humidifier is one of the best humidifiers for bedroom use or the living room as it won’t cover your furniture with white dust or leave wet spots on the floor. It’s also perfect if you’re after the best humidifier for baby nursery use as when you switch it from standard mode to silent mode it’s super quiet.

With its 360 degrees design, this quiet humidifier distributes the humidified air evenly throughout the room. Some other great features of this cool air humidifier include the automatic shutdown feature when it runs out of water, two fan speed settings and the automatic humidity mode which will monitor the humidity levels and turn on and off as required.

The Philips Humidifier comes with an easy to fill tank and is also easy to clean. Given there is no heating plate, no descaling is required. Plus being portable you can move this cold air humidifier from room to room or take it on your holidays just in case the kids fall ill.  

With Philips being a well-known brand you also know you are buying from a well-established and reputable manufacturer.

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4. InnoBeta Air Humidifier Review

If you’re looking for the best humidifier for kids bedrooms or a top baby humidifier, you want one that is super quiet like the InnoBeta Air Humidifier. The InnoBeta air humidifier is an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier which is perfect for improving the general health for the entire family, including babies.

With its 3-litree capacity (lasting up to around 20 hours on low mist), this humidifier has a fairly large capacity, with an automatic shut-off should the tank run empty. It also has a range of time settings with a mist flow speed and the LED doubling as a nightlight. You can also manage the various settings from a distance with the remote control.

You can also add medicated vapours to this cold air humidifier when the family is sick or your favourite essential oil should you just need to settle your dry skin or nasal congestion. Other great features of the InnoBeta Air Humidifier are the Thermo-Hydrometer to keep track of the humidity levels in your home and the temperature to maximise the comfort of your living and/or working environment. 

If you’re after the best humidifier for dry eyes and skin or even the best humidifier for baby cough and other ailments, the InnoBeta Air Humidifier is a great one to consider.  

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5. TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier Review

It doesn’t matter whether you’re after the best cool humidifier for baby or even the best desk humidifier, you want something that’s not only nice and quiet but will also last the day or night. The Tao Tronic Cool Mist Humidifier is perfect for both scenarios and more.

This cold mist humidifier is incredibly silent and, with its 4-litre tank capacity, it runs for between 12-30 hours so will last the entire night or your whole workday. It also has a built-in humidistat to keep an eye on room humidity. You can set your preferred humidity level and the machine will monitor this and shut off as required.

The LED display also doubles as a nightlight, or you can turn it to sleep mode if you prefer no light at all. Other features of this humidifier with humidistat include an automatic shutoff when the water dries out, three mist levels and the microporous cartridge which filters the water from micro-organisms and odours.

Weighing only 1.6kg, this humidifier is perfect for moving about as required.  Use it as as a children’s humidifier in the bedroom at night, a personal humidifier in the office during the day and in the living room when the family is about.

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6. Stadler Form Oskar Humidifier Review

The Stadler Form Oskar Humidifier is an evaporative high-performance humidifier which will hydrate your space all day. It is extremely quiet, in both output levels, and with its super stylish design looks like part of the furniture.

The Oskar Humidifier weighs approximately 2.9 kilograms and looks just like a black box. It includes a 3.5-litre water tank which humidifies the air using little to low energy consumption. When the tank is empty, Oskar automatically switches off which makes it perfect to leave in the corner and go about your daily tasks.

The humidifier is almost silent and the dimmable LED’s make it a great humidifier for kids bedrooms providing a subtle nightlight. Other features include the side-pour door for refilling while the machine is still on, a fragrance dispenser (so great if you’re after an aromatherapy humidifier) and an integrated hygrostat to control humidity levels.

This is a great air humidifier if you’re after the best humidifier for cold weather allergies. This humidifier will assist allergy sufferers and those wanting relief from irritated skin and congested nasal passages, and all the other treasures that dry, winter weather produces!

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7. HoMedics Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier Review

For those families that like the option of both a cold or warm mist humidifier, the HoMedics Humidifier is an excellent choice. The Homedics Ultrasonic Humidifier is portable and can operate for up to 65 hours (on the lowest setting).

This warm and cold mist humidifier comes with a range of great settings to meet your individual preferences. Settings include an adjustable mist control feature, heat control and a timer setting for up to 8 hours. It also operates extremely quietly and has a night light so it’s perfect for bedroom use if you’re after the best infant humidifier or one for a young child.

The humidifier features an easy to remove 5.3-litre tank with Clean Tank technology which protects the tank from mould and mildew. It also includes a demineralisation cartridge to help prevent calcium and lime build-up and the ‘white-dust’ problem caused by hard water. 

This humidifier weighs approximately 2 kilograms and looks great high on a table or even on the floor in the bedroom. It provides a great little night light which is perfect for the kids.

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8. Beurer Air Humidifier with Aromatherapy Review

The Beurer Air Humidifier with Aromatherapy is a great little machine if you’re after a low energy air humidifier suitable for smaller rooms to gently humidify your room to save you from the effects of dry, winter air.

What’s great about this machine is that it can be used as an aromatherapy scented humidifier or without fragrance to remove any dryness from the air. The night light feature is great for the kids as is the optional night-mode feature for quiet operation when they are asleep.

Other features of this humidifier include a removable 2-litre tank for easy cleaning, automatic safety shut off if the tank is empty and low energy consumption at only 20 watts.

The Beurer Air Humidifier is a great choice from an internationally recognised brand which has won numerous prestigious awards.

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9. Cli-Mate Air Humidifier Review

The Cli-Mate Air Humidifier is an ultrasonic, cool mist humidifier perfect for small rooms and ideal for kids and pets given there is no hot steam or hot water spillage.

With its 1.3-litre water capacity and whisper-quiet operation, this cool mist humidifier is perfect for small bedrooms. To ensure you have just the right humidity you can choose between two adjustable mist output levels – low or high. The humidifier also includes an auto-shut off safety feature for when the water runs out.

If you’re after an inexpensive, basic air humidifier, the Cli-Mate Air Humidifier is a great choice which adds just enough moisture to the air to provide relief from dry skin, breathing problems and problems with asthma.

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10. KBAYBO Ultrasonic Cold Mist USB Humidifier Review

The Kbaybo 120ml USB Humidifier is such a cute little product you will want one in every room of your home or office or even the car with the USB power adapter. Plus it’s perfect if you’re after the best travel humidifier or the best office desk humidifier because it’s super portable.

This little humidifier holds 120mls of water and delivers cool mist for about 5 hours. You can also add your favourite oil blend to keep your room or car smelling great. It includes an automatic shut-off feature for when the water is low and can be used with peace of mind at night time. The KBAYBO emits a warm glow and is perfect as a night light in the bedroom.

This ultrasonic cold mist air humidifier is so small and compact it is barely noticeable. The convenience of three different power options, including USB, AC adaptor and battery power is also a bonus.

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