1 Year Old Blues

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow our baby is not only 1 but is 16 months old.

Although it seems like a long time ago since Baby J was a teeny tiny newborn in my arms, it does feel like he has suddenly become a toddler in a blink of an eye.

Gone is our easy going baby, here is our toddler who screams and demands attention pretty much constantly.

Our super cute Baby J recently started walking

I must admit that I’m finding the transition hard. And that’s not even as the primary caregiver as my husband does do the majority of his care.

I’m sick of sleepless nights and the feeling that life is very demanding and that it’s never going to get easier.

Then I remembered something.

I have had these exact same feelings before. When Z was 1.

And when S was 1, it was a nightmare (in part because I had Z when she was 1).

It’s taken until my third kid to realise it but 1 is hard. Harder in many ways than the severe sleep deprivation in the beginning.

Not just because 1 year olds can be demanding but because we’ve had to live through the last 16 months of dealing with a baby who, even as my easiest baby, still required a lot of care.

Babies and 1 year olds are physically very demanding.

Worse is the relentless of a life with a little one. It really is 24/7 in a way older kids are not.

Add to that two other kids with very different needs and a demanding business and life is tough. There is no denying it.

At least with the realisation that I have felt this way before, there is also the realisation that it did get easier.

It can get easier again.

At least, I hope. Or maybe that’s just life with three kids? I really hope not.

I just want more than an hour without someone demanding attention.

I don’t want to feel like I’m a mouse in a wheel just spinning around forever.